If you love Star Wars and/or various other classical Si-Fi movies, this quiz is for you! If you"ve ever wondered what alien you would certainly be if you lived in that galaxy much much ameans... You have the right to take this quiz to discover out!

Are you an Ewok, or a Wookiee prefer Chewbacca? Are you comparable to Ahsoka Tano? Asajj Ventress? or perhaps also Jedi understand Aayla Secura? In a couple of short minutes, you"ll know for sure! Have fun!

Created by: Helena Brooks

Let"s begin with a simple one. What"s your favorite color? Brvery own or grey Blue Green Red Black OrangeAre you brief or tall? Pretty tall! I"m really short Averaged sized, I guess I"m on the taller sideDo you favor to swim? YES! I must have actually been a fish! Mmm, It"s okay. Yeah, it"s fun I wouldn"t carry out it all the time, yet I reap it.

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If you might use just a couple of words to describe yourself, which would you choose? Quiet and also mysterious Loyal and also sweet Talkative and also bubbly Caring and thoughtful Intelligent and intuitive Would you call yourself smart? I"m average, I guess I"m pretty smart I"m sensibly intelligent I deserve to be... kind of... dumb sometimes I have no idea!Do you favor music and also dancing? I love music, however I"m not a fan of dancing Yup! I gain both Yeah Yes! I"m taking dance classes! I listen to music all the timeDo you work-related well via other people? Yes, I love people! Depends on my mood.... Not really. I favor to work on my own. Yes! Teamwork is incredibly important!What kind of a friend would certainly you say you are? I do not really have friends... I am loyal and thoughtful I"m the funny one! I"m constantly reflecting my love for them by providing them gifts and hugging them! I don"t talk much, yet they understand I love them.How would certainly you react if someone punched you in the face? Punch them ago in self defence Run away! Ask them why they did that Start crying Punch them earlier and also host a grudge that lasts yearsYou lose a really close game of Risk. You... Are disappointed, yet smile and also congratulate the winner. Argue and accuse them of cheating Yell at them and also soptimal off to your room to mope Feel really sad and also run off crying Don"t really care. Its simply a game!Could you call yourself a ninja? I virtually am one... No! I"m too huge and clumsy! I"m slender and also can be quiet if I want so... I guess I"m tiny... yet I don"t think I"d be an excellent ninjaAre you pretty/handsome? Yep, I"m pretty hot! Lets simply say I depend on my inner beauty. I guess so... *blushes* I"m not so bad looking if I say so myself! Mmmm... in some waysWhich of these locations would certainly you choose to live? Rocky terrain with caves and hills A woodland or jungle Anywhere through water, choose the sea, a lake or river! Doesn"t really issue, as lengthy as the people are nice! Somewbelow quiet and dark so I have the right to think.What kind of foods items carry out you like? Meat meat MEAT! I constantly enjoy an excellent steak! I"ll eat anything! I"m a vegetarian/vegan Sea food is my favorite! Doesn"t issue. Food is food.Are you a huge fan of Star Wars? YES! They"re some of my favorite movies! Eh... it"s okay. Duh! I"m taking this quiz! Yeah Not really.Do you think about yourself calm or easily excitable? I"m a calm perchild Very hyper!!!! I am calm for the a lot of part I"m easily excitable Do human being say you are an optimist, pessimist or realist? Realist Optimist PessimistAre you impatient? Yes No SometimesDo you have regular mood swings? Yes! Not at all No, I"m commonly calm. Yes, periodically

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