Sororities are a fun place complete of sisters and life long friends. They go to parties, gain the qualities and also have actually an excellent life. Each sorority is various though.

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Which one is best for you? Are you someone that belongs in their moms sorority or are you a different one? Which sorority is a house for you and will love you for you?

Created by: Gia

How famous are you on a 1-5 scale? 1 :( 2 3 4 5 :DHow vital are grades to you 1 Not really 2 3 4 5 Very!It"s a Sunday night and also you have a big test the following day. The hottest party of the year which eexceptionally one has been talking around FOREVER is tonight. Do you go or not? I"ll go. If it is that big, then I have the right to make the grade up later. I"ll go for the initially fifty percent and study during the second half. No way. No test is worth a poor grade. Depends on what my sorority sisters are doing.If you met a wealthy guy at college and he proposed to you, would you remain and obtain your level or leave and live off him. I would certainly continue to be I would leaveA girl shouldn"t have to adjust for her sorority. True FalseHow confident are you in yourself? 1 Not really 2 3 Really confidentWhich out of these is the majority of choose you? Social butterfly Strong-willed lioness Fun bluebird Clever fox Talk-y squrialFavorite Color? Red Blue Eco-friendly Gold SilverYou are cleaning out an old and dusty attic as part as your charity work-related. How carry out you feel about this? I wonder what cool points I might uncover up below At leastern I have my sorority with me. Not my thing! Have fun doing it! Make the finest out of a poor instance and also execute funs points after as a rewardYour boyfrifinish asks you to go via him to dinner (to a location you do not like), but your sorority sisters are having actually a party the exact same night. What do you do? Ask him for another night Go to the party Go via him Ask your sorority sisters to postpone the partyBye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

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