The approach does not account for industry context, the company could have actually multiple divisions, and also the method focuses on the statistics of just one firm.

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The liked peers can not be true competitors, the strategy concentrates on the statistics of just one company, and also the most proper rivals might not have actually P/E multiples.

The chosen peers could not be true rivals the company can have multiple departments, and also the a lot of correct rivals can not have actually P/E multiples.

The favored peers might not be true rivals, the firm can have actually multiple departments, and the strategy concentrates on the statistics of just one company


A union will certainly ________ if it can ________.

A. raise the wage price of its members; decrease the marginal product of its union members

B. raise the wage price of its members; introduce minimum qualifications, which will restrict membership of the union

C. rise the number of union jobs; restrict membership of the union

D. boost the number of union jobs; increase the union wage rate


Is it fair to single out particular commodities for constraints such as New York City’s proposed size cap on soft drinks? Discuss this argument from all sides of this issue: federal government, soft drink marketers, and also consumers. (AACSB: Written and Oral Communication; Reflective Thinking)


Find the present yield of Amerihave the right to Water Works Co. that reported a dividfinish of $0.84 and also a closing price of $21.38.


Solomon Corporation layouts operating cash flows by the instraight approach in Questions 50


Solomon’s net cash provided by operating activities throughout 2014 was

a. $44,000.

b. $47,000.

c. $38,000.

d. $41,000.


Flea Markets and also the Demand for Money. People often like to visit flea sectors to look for unexpected opportunities. Flea markets also generally usage cash. Explain why this is an instance of the liquidity demand also for money.


Is it possible to hide a color image in an additional color picture? Why or why not?


What measures perform governments take to promote exports and also restrict imports? Who benefits and also who loses from protectionist policies? What is the net outcome for society?


Pick two of the following e-business sites. Discuss each of the qualities of Web 4.0 e-business sites listed in Figure 9.2. Compare and also contrast the 2 sites for each of the qualities.

a. Travelocity (

b. Wells Fargo Bank (

c. (

d. Bluefly (


Record production overhead

Refer to the data in Exercise 3-24A. Brooks’ accountant discovered an error in the expense records from the year reported. Depreciation on production plant and also devices was actually $401,000, not the $485,000 that had initially been reported. The unchanged Cost of Goods Sold balance at year-end was $560,000.


1. Prepare the journal entry(s) to record production overhead expenses incurred.

2. Prepare the journal enattempt to record the production overhead alsituated to tasks in production.

3. Use a T-account to determine whether manufacturing overhead is underalsituated or overalsituated and also by exactly how a lot.

4. Record the entry to close out the underallocated or overallocated production overhead.

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5. What is the readjusted finishing balance of Cost of Goods Sold?

Exercise 3-24A

Analyze production overhead

Brooks Foundry in Charleston, South Carolina, offers a preidentified manufacturing overhead rate to alsituate overhead to individual tasks based upon the machine hrs required. At the beginning of the year, the company intended to incur the following:

Manufacturing overhead costs

$ 650,000

Direct labor cost


Machine hours


At the finish of the year, the company had actually incurred the following:

Direct labor cost


Depreciation on production plant and equipment

$ 485,000

Property taxes on plant

$ 21,500

Sales salaries

$ 26,000

Deliincredibly drivers’ wages

$ 14,500

Plant janitors’ wages

$ 11,000

Machine hours

54,500 hours


1. Compute Brooks’ predetermined production overhead rate.

2. How a lot manufacturing overhead was allocated to work in the time of the year?

3. How much manufacturing overhead was incurred during the year? Is production overhead underallocated or overalsituated at the end of the year? By how much?