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This study is on the duty of teens in the westernization of Nigeria a case study of South West Nigeria. The term culture has been characterized differently by many human being. The various meanings attached to society are based on the differences in the orientation of the civilization.

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According to Ekeh (2012), society is construct provided in an effort to analyzed and incorporate events and also ideals in broad spectrum of area of society. Jakayinka (2002) states that from wider perspective, society has the complete repertoire of humale activity which are socially transmitted from generation to generation. Obiora (2002), say that the transdevelopment of culture is gradual and also not sudden. Culture is a constant process of readjust. It changes precisely the same method as the human being alters. It is dynamic, learned, gained, transmitted or diffsupplied with call or suggests of communication flow from generation to generation. The Nigeria society is oboffered to be fading out as a result of the acceptance and also adaptation of the mode mist’s solution on to underbreakthrough. This paper aims at assessing the role that adolescents play in this activity.


According to Nnonyelu (2006:99) “Nigeria society complying with its contact with lifestyle constantly portrayed by the media shows up to have caved in” and proceeds to perform so as years go by.

The tendency for teenagers to imitate, emulate and copy what they watch (in the media) is a major cause of this situation specifically as viewed in the arising culture of the country’s youth. The youths try to sheepishly copy the way of life of the western human being as presented by the media. To dress, walk and also perform anypoint resembling western way of living is seen as a far-reaching index of one’s social standing. This have the right to be attributed to the reality that “the closer a person’s mindset is to western standards and also worths, the greater the possibility open to the perchild and the better the person’s place on the social ladder’’ (Ojiha 2006:48). The youths are deluded to think that they have large individual selections and also methods to think, think, behave and also dress as presented by the media. Unfortunately, the addiction to this borrowed way of living leaves the individual without an determined society and this eliminates him/her from the culture.

The western society has actually affected Nigerians mainly the southwest youths in the complying with ways:

They hardly greet their elders as a result of their exposure to western society with the mediaThey copy the way and manner the western people dressesThey hardly greet their elders and also if they do they don’t go dvery own through their knees and also the males prostrate to display authorize of respect, which was the significant attribute of the Yoruba youths.

With the arrival of social media, internet and social networks, the cultural value that has actually been constructed for years by fore-fathers of Nigeria society especially in the southwest youth thrvery own down the drainpipe as a result of what the youth referred to as world.


The aim of this examine is to highlight and understand also the role of youths in the westernization of Nigeria, more specially the goals of this research incorporate to;

Find out and assess the impact of western people on the Yoruba society.Assess the level of influence of those media contents on the country’s youths specifically in relation to what they wear.Find out if there are components responsible for this influence.


The examine will certainly assist develop information base for treatment programs that would certainly assist promote and also showinstance aspects of Southwest culture that are great by making them attrenergetic to the youths.

It will certainly help the youths to understand also the adverse results of imitating the dress pattern on the western society and its effects on Nigeria social worths, so as that they can currently make a responsible option.

This research will help the National Broadcasting Commission to understand the adverse effects of western contents on residential television so as to make them effect better regulations on the issue.


Are the youths responsible for western civilization?What is the level of the youth exposure to foreign media?Do foreign media contents influence the dress sense of the youth?Does the exposure to foreign media have various other effects on the youths such a beliefs worths, language, foods items and also names?


Hi Youths affect western society in Nigeria

H0 Youths perform not influence western culture in Nigeria

H2 Foreign media content affect the dress feeling of the youths.

H0 Fopower media content does not influence the dress sense of the youths.

H3 Expocertain to foreign media content have other results on the youths (ideas values, language, foods).

H0 Expocertain to foreign media do not have actually various other effects on the youths


Culture: Culture is the characteristics and also knowledge of a details group of civilization, defined by whatever from language, religious beliefs, cuisine, social actions, music and arts. Also the term society describes the language, ideas, values and norms, customizeds, dress, diet, functions, knowledge and abilities, and all the various other points that civilization learn that makes up the lifestyle of any kind of culture.Cultural Disorientation: This is an individual disorientation a person may feel when suffering an unacquainted lifestyle as a result of immigration or a visit to new country, a relocate in between social atmospheres, or simply travel to another form of life.Cultural Dominance: Cultural Dominance is the exercise of separating, or artificially injecting the society or language of one culture right into one more. Cultural imperialism is the practice of cultivating a much more effective culture over a least well-known or preferable society. It is usually the instance that the former belongs to a bigger, economically or militarily effective country and the last belongs to a smaller sized, less effective one.

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Cultural Confusion: Cultural confusion is also dubbed social dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling of discord, disharmony, or problem experienced by human being in the midst of adjust in their cultural environment.