Is tbelow any perboy who hasn’t heard of Kenny G’s soopoint music? He is famous for playing one instrument. The instrument looks like a clarinet yet it isn’t. What instrument does Kenny G play?

Kenny G plays a Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. He likewise plays the alto and also tenor saxophones. He has actually also produced his own line of saxophones referred to as Kenny G Saxophones.

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In an intersee, Kenny G revealed that the saxophone he offered in all the songs he has ever tape-recorded is his high college saxophone. He included that he likewise used this saxophone in every present that he has perdeveloped. He’s been utilizing it for his 3 hrs of exercise eexceptionally day as well.

Read on to learn even more around the famed Kenny G instrument, the soprano saxophone, along with some interesting highlights of his life and also the saxophones he produced.

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play?

Kenny G plays the Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. Aside from this instrument, he additionally plays alto and tenor saxophones. His success as a recording and concert artist playing this musical instrument has actually led him to produce and industry his very own line of saxophones referred to as Kenny G Saxophones.

Not as well many type of civilization know that Kenny G is still using his high school saxophone up to this particular day. He revealed in an interview that he uses his saxophone in high college in his recordings and also concerts. Kenny likewise disclosed that he still offers this instrument in the time of exercise, which takes about 3 hrs a day.

Aside from the soprano sax, Kenny G likewise plays the alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, and also bass sax. In an interwatch, Kenny G revealed that his soprano saxophone is his high school saxophone. He admitted that all the songs he has ever videotaped and all the mirrors he has actually percreated have been on that saxophone.

He supplies his high school sax eextremely day in his everyday 3-hour methods. Kenny G also sassist that he’s the sort of male that does not need to experiment via something brand-new to check out if it’s much better than what he has been using. To him, better is a subjective word in the people of music.


How and Why Kenny G Plays the Saxophone

He was introduced to the saxophone at the age of 10. Kenny G witnessed a man playing the sax on a TV present and also thought he would choose to play that instrument. He admitted that it need to be just how the male played the saxophone that attracted him to the instrument. It was as if the instrument was speaking to him, he included. 

Many kind of world in the music sector believe that the term smooth jazz began via Kenny G. This music genre didn’t exist before he came into the music scene. He sassist that others coined the term, not him – and also that he was simply playing his music the way he wanted to play it. Apparently, many civilization favored it, and the genre took off.

Kenny is doubtful in taking all the credits for the production of the smooth jazz genre. He shelp that he might be a large part of it initially, but he is not totally responsible for it. Also, he refoffers to case that he is the originator of the genre.

Kenny G admitted that his style came from listening to other sax players, such as Sonny Rollins and also Charlie Parker. Lastly, he commented that other people referred to as it smooth jazz, not him. He was just doing his very own point.

Kenny G’s Own Brand also of Saxophones

Today, Kenny G has actually his very own brand of saxophones. He builds and also sells these instruments. There are at least 10 of these saxophones obtainable in the market now. Here is a list of these saxophones:

‘Concert Series’ SaxophonesEIII Lacquered Soprano SaxES-Series SaxophonesG-Series IV SaxophonesGVI 85% Copper SaxophonesOriginal Dark Lacquered Tenor SaxophonesInitial G-Series B-Flat Soprano SaxInitial Gold Lacquer Tenor SaxInitial Lacquered Alto (Closeout)

The Concert Series Saxophones of Kenny G is exclusively crafted for use at his concerts; that is why they are called ‘Concert Series.’ These saxophones have silver-plated bodies and gold lacquered tricks through the ‘Concert Series’ logo on them.

Kenny G personally designed them to match the contemporary key-boards of saxophones. These saxophones make it easier for players to switch in between the soprano, the alto, and also the tenor saxes.

The Black & Silver Kenny G Initial Alto Saxophones come through Kenny G mouthpieces. It also comes via a mouthitem cap and also ligature, cork, and also a tough situation. Unfortunately, tright here is only one left of it. Kenny G does not develop these saxophones anymore. It is just easily accessible in the United States as well.

If you desire to recognize the descriptions of other Kenny G Saxophones, you have the right to visit their official webwebsite.

Kenny G saxophones are made in Taiwen. Unfortunately, Chinese providers produce and also offer fake Kenny G saxophones without Kenny G’s permission. He advises buyers to ask sellers if the saxophones are made in Taiwan or mainland China to encertain that they are acquiring the original and not the fake ones.

Kenny G History

Kenny G’s complete name is Kenneth Bruce Gorelick. He was born in Seattle, Washington, on June 5, 1956. His album Duotones, tape-recorded in 1986, made him a commercial success. Since then, Kenny G became one of the best-selling recording and concert artists of all time.

His interemainder in saxophone started as soon as he heard a saxophonist play on The Ed Sullivan Show. In 1966, the 10-year-old Kenny started playing a Buffet Crampon alto sax. He attended Whitworth Elementary School and the University of Washington.

He started his musical career playing via the famous Barry White and his band as soon as he was 17 and still in high college. While Kenny was researching audit at the University of Washington, he additionally played sax professionally. He graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Washington. Soon after, he began his solo career as a saxophonist.

In 1982, Kenny G signed through Arista Records after Clive Davis, its president, heard him playing his own version of Dancing Queen popularized by Abba. It was his fourth album, Duotones, that he completed commercial success. 

In the USA alone, this album sold even more than five million copies and got to No. 4 in the Billboard Top 100. Due to the fact that then, Kenny G preserved on increasing to stardom. In 1997, Kenny G acquired his location in the Guinness Book of World Records for his amazing lengthy breath.


What instrument does Kenny G play? The instrument Kenny G plays is the Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone. Kenny G also plays alto and tenor saxophones. He additionally created his very own line of saxophones referred to as Kenny G Saxophones.

Kenny G Facts

Tright here are certain points about Kenny G that you may not know about. Here are some amazing points about him:


1. Kenny G Flies His Own Plane

Kenny G is a fully certified pilot. He has one of the a lot of attrenergetic work in the human being also. This virtuoso saxophonist flies out his de Havilland Beaver for one to 2 hrs practically every day. When he is on tour, he co-pilots a leased Learjet to acquire to where he and his concert team should perdevelop.

2. Kenny G Swarm Tommy Guns via the US Secret Service

Tbelow was a story going about that Kenny G was invited to perform at Bill Clinton’s inauguration at the White House. Bill is a friend of Kenny G, and also they occasionally jammed together.

And while waiting for his time to perdevelop, he was invited by US Secret Service members to go to the FBI gun variety to execute some shooting. Apparently, Kenny G picked a Tommy gun via a 50-round drum magazine and also began shooting away.

3. Kenny G Is a Frifinish of Dave Mustaine of Megadeth

The Megadeth member Dave Mustaine is a fan of Kenny G. He likes Kenny G’s music, although he is not a real lover of smooth jazz. In an interview, Mustaine called Kenny G the Yngwie Malmsteen of his instrument. Mustaine and Kenny G are fairly cshed friends.

4. Kenny G Is the Best Golfing Saxophonist in the World

Before he mastered the saxophone, Kenny G currently plays golf. But in just two years, the time he spent between his 2 loves evened out. Ultimately, as his musical career took off, he had actually to provide priority to his musical career.

When he picked up the sport, it ended up being apparent that he was gifted in music and sports. As proof of this, Golf Digest ranked Kenny G number one out of all experienced musicians active in this sport.

5. Kenny G Can Hold His Breath Longer Than an Episode of a TV Series

Pick whatever TV display you like. Most TV shows run for approximately 40 minutes. Now, imagine that you’re playing one note on a wind instrument throughout a whole episode of that TV display without avoiding. Maybe you can’t perform it, however Kenny G deserve to.

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Kenny G deserve to carry out this exceptional feat bereason of his circular breapoint technique. By extensive concentration, he breathes in his nose while exhaling through his mouth all at once. Let’s take a look at this video to watch him attain this feat.