Themes, icons, and also motifs come alive as soon as you usage a storyboard. In this activity, students will determine themes and also icons from the story, and also support their options with details from the message.

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“The Babsence Cat” Themes to Look For and Discuss


Guilt and also JudgmentThe narrator is plagued via guilt over his actions against his wife, his pets, and eventually Pluto. He himself knows that he is an alcoholic and also out of control, but he cannot get hold of his misery, nor overcome his depression. Ultimately, he knows that he will be judged for his actions, deep down inside, and acknowledges that he commits these acts of violence to seal his eternal damcountry in Hell when and for all.

The Effects of Alcoholism

The effects of the narrator’s fight with alcoholism encompass not just violence, however a loss of himself. He knows he is undergoing a personality readjust, and looking back, he deserve to see the clouded reasoning and judgment that led him to make rash and also disastrous decisions against Pluto, his wife, and the black and white cat. He finds himself unable to regulate his emotions, and also unable to climb out of his despair, falling ago right into the cycle that inevitably leads to his very own fatality.

Domestic Violence

The story brings light to the cycle of residential violence that frequently accarriers a disease like alcoholism. Unable to attend to his own feelings of unhappiness, the narrator takes his rage out on his wife and also his pets. This is not uncommon for human being that abusage alcohol and also have problems with their temper. The households are often the routine victims of the alcoholic’s blackouts and also paranoia. For whatever reason, the wife stays with the narrator, and this decision highlights of the many dangerous results of domestic violence: her murder at the hands of her husband.

“The Babsence Cat” Motifs & Symbols to Look For and Discuss

The Apparition

The apparition, or shed image, of Pluto hanging from a noose that is burned right into the plaster of the wall of the house frigh10s the narrator. While he knows that tright here have to be some type of logical explanation for it, he also realizes that tbelow is factor to be fearful of the chain of events that have occurred since he killed the cat: the fire in which he loses every little thing, and currently the picture of this cat and his terrible deed are imprinted on the wevery one of his home.

The Babsence and White Cat

At initially, the black and also white cat seems favor a chance to consist of for what he did to Pluto. However before, as soon as he gets him residence and sees that he, also, is lacking an eye, the narrator is aobtain riddled with guilt and also becomes fearful. He sees himself as undeserving of the cat’s affection, and starts to see him as a hazard. Undoubtedly, the white patch on the cat’s chest starts to resemble a genables, which the narrator knows he deserves. The cat eventually brings justice and judgment to the narrator by helping the police find her body.

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The Cellar

The cellar is a location wright here the plaster is soft, and enables the narrator to quickly wall up his wife’s body without worrying about her being discovered. He is so satisfied through himself for coming up with the idea to hide her tright here that he sleeps in loved one tranquility for days. Coupled with the lack of the babsence and also white cat, the narrator is virtually gleeful as he walks approximately the cellar via the police, knowing they’ll never before discover her. He sees the cellar as a location of peace and tranquility compared to what he’s been battling in his own mind for many years.