Have you happened to hear a prevalent Russian phrase «да нет, наверное»? In word-for-word translation it indicates Yes no perhaps in Russian. Russians love utilizing this widespread expression as much as they choose making fun of it. We can also ask each various other ‘So which one do you actually mean?’ Well, the Russian common expression «да нет, наверное» derives from «да нет».

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It is just one of the means to say ‘no’ in Russian, but it is a soft ‘no’. How to say ‘yes’ in Russian check this one out. For instance, someone asks about your one-year-old boy ‘Can he speak?’ («Он говорит?») you say ‘Of course not’ («Конечно нет»). You are sure of it.


Sometimes it takes an Einstein to number out what Russians are saying.

But once somebody asks you ‘Do you have actually many money on you?’ («У тебя с собой много денег?») you are not sure what to say, because you would certainly think ‘Depends on what you are going to perform with it in the first location. Is it for buying an extra cappuccino or leather shoes?’ But still you don’t have 10 000 dollars on you. That’s when you usage this Russian ‘soft no’ — «Да нет».

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Of course you can’t say «да нет» in regards to facts in your life – they either taken place (‘true’) or did not take place (‘not’). The widespread Russian expression for ‘soft no’ «Да нет» can be used only as soon as you share your thoughts and opinions.

And what does the Russian word for ‘maybe’ — «наверное» — do? Nothing in specific, it just shows that you are not certain in your ‘no’. If I ask you ‘Do you think you deserve to handle the prevalent Russian phrase «да нет, наверное»?’ what will certainly you say? «Да нет, наверное»?