Cluster diagrams organize the information of your life. Find Out exactly how you produce one, with or without our handy cluster diagram design template.

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Blank Cluster Diagram Template (Click on image to modify online)

What is a cluster diagram?

In a more comprehensive feeling, a cluster diagram is precisely what you would expect from the name. This kind of diagram represents some type of cluster, concepts or objects that are positioned closely together.

For the purpose of this write-up, we’ll refer to the cluster diagrams used for brainstorming, likewise known as cloud diagrams. Similar to a mind map, a cluster diagram is a non-direct graphic organizer that begins through one central idea and also branches out right into even more information on that topic.

The term “cluster diagram” can likewise describe these various other kinds of visuals (that we won’t comment on at size in this article):

In astronomy, a diagram that reflects the magnitude, luminosity, shade, temperature, and other characteristics of star clusters, galaxy clusters, or globular clustersIn design, a diagram that compares structures

How to produce a cluster diagram

Add some power to your brainstorming session or organize the information you’ve been studying in school—via a cluster diagram, the possibilities are endmuch less. Whether on paper or online, follow the procedures below to create your own.

Remember that is the simplest method to develop a cluster diagram digital and also share your thoughts with others! Sign up for your complimentary account today—you can begin through our complimentary cluster diagram template, or it’s simply as simple to drag and also drop the forms you need into the editor.

Start with your primary concept or topic in the middle.Add subtopics or categories branching off your major idea.Add principles or indevelopment under each subtopic/category to develop clusters. You have the right to go as many levels deep as you should. In our plant classification example listed below, we began with wide classifications of plants (vascular and non-vascular plants) and came to be even more specific as we obtained deeper right into the diagram.Color code your diagram. You have the right to use colors to identify different branches or levels of your diagram. In the example below, we put certain examples of plants all in the same color.
Plant Classification Cluster Diagram (Click on picture to modify online)

Note: If you have a Pro, Team, or Enterpincrease account, you can speed up this process additionally by making use of the mind map shape library.

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Get creative and see just how you can usage cluster diagrams to visualize concepts and information. permits you to customize your diagram to work for a selection of functions.