Q 4.95

Question: Ararray the complying with facets from highest to lowest metallic character: S, Al, Cs, F, Sr, Cl


A. In order to deal with this difficulty, one should initially recognize that metallic character boosts as you go down a group in the periodic table, and as you go left within a period on the routine table.

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B. Then, in order to determine the metallic character on each of the elements, you need to look at their location on the routine table.

C. Because the question asks for the facets to be noted in order of decreasing metallic character, it would certainly make more sense to find the element with the highest metallic character initially, then the second greatest, and so on.

D. Double inspect to make sure they are in the correct order and that you have not skipped any kind of elements.

A. When moving from left to appropriate, metallic character decreases because the aspects tfinish to obtain electrons to fill valence shells quite than shed them. Elements on the ideal side, favor chlorine, will acquire electrons to fill their valence shells, while aspects on the left side, choose cesium, will certainly shed electrons in order to have a full valence shell. When moving down the routine table, metallic character rises because aspects deserve to lose electrons even more quickly as the atomic radius increases. This is because the attraction in between the nucleus and valence electrons decreases as tbelow is more distance between them.

B. Pull up a routine table on a computer, or one that is in your slrfc.orgistry book. This is so that you have the right to visually compare where each aspect is at on the routine table.

C. Look on the bottom left side of the table and try to locate some of the aspects detailed. You will check out that cesium (Cs) and strontium (Sr) are inserted on the bottom left side, so they will have the highest metallic personalities. Cesium is farther down and also even more left than strontium, so cesium will have actually the greatest metallic character and also strontium will have the second highest metallic character. Next off, you will certainly view that aluminum (Al) is located farther left than sulhair, chlorine, and also fluorine. This suggests that aluminum will certainly be the element through the third highest metallic character. The just elements left are sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), and also fluorine (F). They are all located within an extremely close distance of one one more. Sulfur is the farthest left and farthest dvery own of the three, so it will have actually the fourth highest metallic character. Chlorine is ideal listed below fluorine, making it the element with the fifth highest possible metallic character. This leaves fluorine as the last aspect, meaning it has actually the lowest metallic character.


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We found cesium, strontium, aluminum, sulhair, chlorine, and fluorine on the regular table. Cesium is the farthest left and also the lowest, while fluorine is the farthest right and the highest, so we know they have actually the greatest metallic character and also the lowest metallic character, respectively.

Answer: Cs, Sr, Al, S, Cl, F

Q 6.55

Question: For each figure, state the:

a) complete variety of electron groups

b) variety of bonding pairs

c) number of lone pairs

d) electron geometry

e) molecular geometry

Figure 1:


Figure 2: