The complete number of prolots and also neutrons in the nucleus of an atom is well-known as its Mass Number and also is delisted by A.

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Protons and also neutrons are located in the nucleus of an atom and also add most to the mass of the elements as the mass of electrons is negligible.So, elements of lower mass numbers are lighter as compared to facets having actually a greater mass number.


The facets Li and also Sn are metals and also their mass number is as follows:
ElementMass number
He and also H are non-steels.Lithium(Li) is a soft, silvery-white alkali metal, it is the lightest metal and also the lightest solid element. Atomic Number is 3.Lithium is highly reactive and flame retardant and also must be consisted of in mineral oil.

Hence, Li is the lightest steel.

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It's used in the manufacture of aircraft and also in certain batteries. It's likewise provided in psychological health: Lithium carbonate is a common therapy of bipolar disorder, helping to stabilize wild mood swings resulted in by the illness.