Word pyramids entail the breakdvery own of words, presenting them in pyramid form. They are regularly offered to aid students in memorizing vocabulary and spelling. They begin via the desired word"s first letter and also work their method down to the finished product. A word pyramid have the right to be developed in just a couple of steps.

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Select a word to be supplied for the pyramid. Many kind of people select to usage words that are otherwise tough to memorize and also spell. This helps to embed them right into memory.

Write the initially letter of the word at the peak facility of a item of paper.

Write the initially 2 letters of the word underneath the first letter. Center them so that the room in between the 2 letters, lands directly underneath the letter at the height of the page. For example, if the word “GREEN” was provided, the letters “G” and also “R” would certainly show up focused on the second line.

Write the first three letters underneath the two letters. Center them once aget, so that the create proceeds to spread outward in the form of a pyramid.

Continue including another letter of the word to each line until you have actually spelled the entire word on the bottom line. This serves as the base of the pyramid.

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