Deep down inside, most of us know that we arrived on this earth with amazing capabilities.

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The great ones among usabsolutely believed that they wereput on this earth to do something wonderful with their lives.

They hada vision of something greater or better than their current circumstances.

What about you?

What would it take to empower you to stick with your dreams and no longer be a victim of circumstances?

1. Conviction

Have asense of your largerdestiny,together with aconviction that you are only limited by the thoughts you think and thebeliefs that hold you back and you’ll begin to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Your strengths are key to your success, pay attention to them. Get to know yourself and the door to your destiny is unlocked.

2. Stop the non essential

List 3 things that you can do today that will make a difference in your life, or, give you a sense of accomplishment, or contentment, or just leave you feeling good about yourself. Then go and do them first before anything else.

3. Handle rejection

When you’re not getting the responses you’d like, don’t assume no one cares. Look for two or three other reasonswhy things didn’t work out the way you wanted. You’ll feel much happier.

4. Develop confidence

To develop unshakable self confidence, how you see yourself is vital. Think of yourself as a leader, and you’ll do what leaders do. No more victimhood for youwhen you’re inspiring others to be the best they can be.

Stretch yourself toward the outermost boundaries ofwhat you believe you can do. You’re capable of amazing things.

5. Manage Problems

Seemingly impossible problems can be solved when you get clear that you are bigger than any problem.

You can grow yourself and decide to view those impossible problems as just a hard decision waiting for you to make.

6. Be your very best

You need to have desires orgoals that draw out of you the very best that’s within.Working towards big dreamscreatesa sense of mastery. It’s easy. It begins with a notepad, a pen, and you.

Physically writing things down adds a powerful energy.

7. Be willing to be wrong

Far too often we’re in a fight to be right. Yet the willingness to be wrong is one of the greatest means of growth, increasing our level of awareness as we learn different perspectives or opinions.

The smartest way to be right is to know when you’re wrong. You’ll find it a great relief.

8. Become an encourager

Find the best in yourself and encourage it’s growth.

Believe in the best in others.

This isn’t to say that life doesn’t sometimes bring pain and disappointment. But the best thing you can do is to practice the kind of optimism that opens the door to wonderful things for you andeveryone you come into contact with.


9. Like yourself

Don’t create drama and big storms in life and be surprised when lightening strikes. When you don’t think you deserve the good things of life, when you don’t like yourself, you tend to self sabotage without even being aware you’re doing it.

Remember, the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself will eventually be mirrored in your outer reality.

10. Don’t underestimate your ability

Nothing makes life more difficult than ahabit of over estimating the problem facing us and under estimating our ability to handle it. If you practice thinking that what you have to do is easy, regardless of how it seems to be, you’ll find it becomes so.

I practice this in little ways, like parallel parking! When I start to tell myself, it’s easy…it becomes so.

11. Ask great questions

Unless you’re willing to accept the answer, don’t ask the question. But, if you’re brave enough, ask yourself what’s really important to me, and then make that the centre piece of your life. Who knows you might find the very thing you’re ‘called to do’.

Your greatest tool for growth and success lies in the quality of questions you ask. How cool is that?

12. Spiritually speaking

Practice thankfulness.

When I was a kid, before every meal we were taught to say, ‘thank you for what we’re about to receive’. It’s a great habit to practice in life.

Give thanks for the dream that isn’t yet visible, becauseyou’re thankful you’re about to receive it. Be thankful for that extra cash, or slimmer, healthier body, or that amazingrelationship or greater peace of mind.

Thankfulnesstrains your mind to expect the best.

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Questions: Which of these simple tweaks do you believe mightmake a difference in your world? Or which ones do you currently use in your life? I’d love to hear your perspective in the comments below.