Is a six legged spider a myth or a fact? If a fact, does it suppose not all arachnids have actually eight legs? And if a myth, what are these frequently spotted six legged spider-like insects?

Spiders are scientifically classified as arachnids. These are a class of animals that include ticks, mites, and scorpions.

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Compared to the various other arachnids, spiders create the largest group and are the the majority of diverse once it comes to species population. Tbelow over 45,000 recognized species of spiders. And bereason of their diversity, they occupy a broad selection of habitats.

Tbelow are few stand-out features of spiders that incorporate 4 pairs of legs, and a body that is comprised of 2 major components – the cephalothorax (which is a combination of the head and thorax) and also the abdoguys.

Spiders differ substantially in dimension. The largest one is the tarantula whose leg expectancy deserve to flourish to almost a foot long. On the other hand also, the smallest well-known spider is about 1mm long.


So for those wondering; is a 6 legged spider an insect or a spider? You have to know that spiders are not insects. They are arachnids that have actually eight legs.

If you come throughout a spider that has actually 6 legs, then definitely it has actually shed the various other limbs. Otherwise, any type of various other six legged spider-like creature is either a pest or a bug.

Acomponent from the variety of legs, tbelow are many other features that distinguish spiders from insects. For circumstances, spiders don’t have actually wings while many insects carry out.

But, not all insects have wings. This describes why we have many six legged spider-prefer insects without wings that can conveniently pass for spiders.

Another separating function is that insects have actually antennae while spiders don’t. However, please note that some spider species have actually converted their front limbs to perform a sensory feature. So the front pair of legs might be mistaken for antennae developing a false impression that they are 6 legged spiders.

In enhancement, spiders are even more distinguimelted by the 2 distinct body components while insects have actually three – a head, thorax, and abdomen.

An Exception: Ant Mimicking Spiders

It is also worth noting that spiders have actually around 6 or eight eyes, while insects have actually only two. Regardless of that reality, insects have premium vision compared to spiders, which have to depend on their feeling of touch especially as soon as hunting.

By now, it should be clear that the principle of a 6 legged spider is a misconception or a myth. But are tright here spiders that appear as if they are six legged? Yes, there are.

Ant mimic spiders such as the Myrmarachne are a perfect instance. Tbelow are over 300 species of spiders that have actually been well-known to mimic the appearance of ants for miscellaneous reasons.

For some, it is a defense system to protect against predation. Ants are aggressive insects and also bereason of that, many kind of predators typically protect against them. On other hand, smaller spiders especially the non-poisonous ones are taken into consideration easy prey by many kind of predators.

So to protect against predation, these spiders try to mimic the appearance of ants. For circumstances, they walk roughly waving their front pair of legs near their heads to simulate antennae.

This makes them look even more prefer ants than spiders. That is why some world confusage them for six legged spiders.

Ant mimicking spiders additionally have a “false waist” on the cephalothorax to mimic the three-segment structure of ants. They could likewise be covered through reflective hairs to mimic the shiny external appearance of ants.

Some ant-mimic spiders likewise prey on ants. So they mimic them to lure them so they deserve to kill and also eat them.

Six Legged Insects that Look Like Spider


It is great to acexpertise that the clintends of 6 legged spiders are not unfounded. Part of the factor for this is the truth they are many type of insects that look favor spiders. As a result, human being mistakenly refer to them as 6 legged spiders whereas they are not.

Below are a few of them:

1. Snow Fly

A snow fly is a six legged spider-choose insect that is around a quarter-inch in dimension. They are commonly uncovered on the ground or plants burrowed under scurrently.

Many type of civilization actually refer to it as a snow spider. This can be bereason scurrently flies are wingless and have furry bodies favor spiders.

However before, a scurrently fly is not a spider at all. It is a wingless insect that is very closely concerned crane flies. They are reasonably unrecognized, also by scientists, compared to various other species of insects which explains the misconception.

They spend most of their time surprise under snow. They hardly ever eat as adults and, therefore, they rarely come out which might define why they don’t need wings. They only come out to mate or look for a place to lay eggs. And generally, they will certainly wait for as soon as the temperatures are freezing cold.

When over the ground, they relocate pretty quick for insects of their size. They deserve to cover around 4 feet in a minute. Only spiders deserve to walk this fast because of their many kind of limbs. This could be an additional reason why scurrently flies are mistaken for spiders. 

2. Dragonfly Nymph

The dragonfly nymph is another 6 legged insect that looks like a spider. To start via, the head and thorax are not as distinct as that of various other insects. Also, because the dragonfly nymph is still in its developpsychological stperiods, it has yet to construct wings. So it is wingless just favor a spider.

Dragonfly nymphs are voracious carnivores like spiders. You can differentiate them by their extendable mouthcomponents which aid in capturing prey. The reduced jaw resembles a scoop.

They are typically discovered in ponds margins and also have the right to move pretty quick on water favor a garden orb-weaving spider.

Since they are completely aquatic, dragonfly nymphs usage gills to breathe. However, the gills are not visible because they are situated inside the abdomen. That is why they can easily pass for water spiders. They are also able to move quick by forcefully ejecting water from the abdomales.

At the nymph phase, it is tough to tell what a dragonfly nymph will certainly become. You have to wait till it matures to view what it will turn to. When it is old sufficient, it cracks open up its ago and also the dragonfly comes out.

3. Spring Tail

Although they have actually six legs like insects, springtails are actually not insects. They are carefully concerned crustaceans but are even more prefer six legged spider-looking bugs.

They are additionally wingmuch less and also can’t fly – just prefer spiders. Therefore, they relocate around by jumping or walking. It’s not a wonder then that some people erroneously think that they are tiny spiders.

You have the right to uncover them in large numbers like black pepper on soil or snow. They love feeding on decaying vegetation and also other organic issue which is why they deserve to be uncovered gathered about tree trunks or in the soil.

When soils become dry, they move out in search of even more moist problems. This leads them to look for habitats inside houses, greenhouses, gareras, and basements.

You can additionally watch them in damp carpets or under kitchen sinks. These are the very same areas that spiders inhabit.

However before, although they deserve to jump favor frents or jumping spiders, they execute not jump utilizing their legs. They have actually a spring-choose mechanism that is uncovered underneath the body. They use this to catapult themselves right into the air. That is why they are dubbed springtail.

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4. Assassin Bug


This is a wingless six legged bug that looks choose a spider. An assassin bug is fairly huge compared to spiders. It can grow to about 37 mm or 1.5 inches in length.

One significant separating attribute of assassin bugs is that they have actually thickened forewings that have membranous tips. These aid in managing prey.

It additionally has actually an extended segmented beak that is not there in spiders. The beak can be folded to fit underneath its body. Assassin bugs use this curved beak as a siphon.

They greatly feed on insects just like spiders. After it catches prey, the assassin bug sticks the beak into the insect and sucks out its liquids.

It leaves an empty skeleton just choose spiders perform. This is an additional reason why some people think it could be a spider.

In their larval develop, they are wingmuch less and smaller sized and also so resemble six legged spiders.

Many world don’t mind them because they feed on pests insects choose flies and caterpillars. However, it is good to note that their bites have the right to damage you.

5. Wheel Bug

The wheel bug is also a 6 legged spider-looking bug. It is a types of the assassin bug. Wheel bugs usually have actually a cog-shaped dome on their ago that looks like the wheel of a ship thus the name.

Another point that stands out in wheel bugs is the hairy legs that resemble those of a spider. They aid to proccasion prey from escaping.

Also, the females are bigger than the male which is also prevalent in spiders. Adult wheel bugs are dusty gray so it is basic to mistake them for spiders.

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However, their body framework is slightly various from that of spiders. They have actually a small narrowhead head, antennae, and 2 big babsence eyes.

It has actually equivalent feeding behavior to spiders. It supplies a dark lengthy fang to penetrate prey and also then injects a mix of toxic enzymes that kill and also even start digesting the prey from the inside.

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It is a relatively common bug that is commonly spread. And although it is a useful bug bereason it preys on pest insects, it has actually a very sharp bite that is worse than a bee sting. You should be very mindful once about it.