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Negative views of China have actually raised dramatically because 2018. Today, 67% of Americans have “cold” feelings toward China on a “feeling thermometer,” rating the country much less than 50 on a 0 to 100 range. This is up from just 46% who sassist the exact same in 2018. The intensity of these negative feelings has likewise increased: The share who say they have actually “extremely cold” feelings toward China (0-24 on the same scale) has actually about doubled from 23% to 47%.

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But what execute Americans think especially around China past a number that represents their opinion of the country on a feeling thermometer? To understand this, we asked them an open-finished question: “What’s the initially thing you think about once you think about China?” We analyzed the initially five recommendations in each response and found that Americans rarely carried up the Chinesepeopleor the country’s long background and also culture. Instead, they concentrated mostly on the Chinese federal government – consisting of its policies or exactly how it behaves around the world – as well as its economic situation. Human civil liberties, China’s economic situation and also the country’s political mechanism were referenced the majority of by Americans, coming up among 20%, 19% and also 17% of respondents, respectively.

While these broad categories are informative, highlighting the frequency of particular topics and also themes, the nuance evident in many kind of responses is vital in its very own ideal. Below you can check out what Americans say is optimal of mind when it involves China, based on the “feeling thermometer” score that they offered the country.

Note: Here isthe question usedfor this interactive, along with responses, andits methodology.

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