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This has come to be our largest and also a lot of active forum bereason the physics GRE is just one element of obtaining welcomed right into a graduate physics regimen.Tbelow are applications, individual statements, letters of referral, visiting colleges, tension of waiting for acceptances, deciding between institutions, finding out where others are going, and so on.

How much does late Recommendation Letter influence PhD application?

Postby bcjw5 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 11:33 pm

Hi All,Just a quick question about the LOR. Most of the Physics PhD programs that I"ve used need 3 recommendation letters. Two of my professors have already submitted the LORs lengthy time ago (Big Thanks!!!! ), however the 3rd professor has really been procrastinating... Some of the programs I"ve used have a deadline by January 15th, and also currently it"s currently at an early stage February, and he still didn"t submit the third LOR despite my repeated reminders. I"ve reminded him aacquire three days ago and also he promised to submit it as quickly as possible. But even if he submits it this week, it"s already three weeks previous the deadline... Well, I"m wondering just how much would a (extremely) late LOR affect my application? Is sending an apology email to each school"s Admission Office would certainly be of any help?(Note: I think the third professor"s lacking LOR is probably the least essential among the 3 LORs. I"ve only functioned through him as a TA teaching Intermediate Classical Mechanics for one semester. The other 2 professors" LORs are about a consistent two-year biophysics research study and also a nine-month nuclear physics job.)Thanks a lot for anyone that have actually check out through my post!

Re: How a lot does late Recommendation Letter affect PhD application?

Postby TakeruK » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:09 pm

You must certainly contact the institution to let them understand that you are trying to acquire this letter in. As long as it arrives prior to they make evaluations, it shouldn"t matter. If it doesn"t arrive, tright here is a threat that your application will be marked as infinish and not thought about at all. This counts on the college though. So certainly email each of the **departments** (not the Graduate School, yet) to let them recognize what"s going on and also whether they will certainly have the ability to take into consideration your application without this 3rd letter.If they will certainly still think about an application without the third letter and that they currently have actually your package then you need to simply continue to remind your 3rd prof.If they say you must have all 3 letters in to be taken into consideration, then you can desire to also let the Graduate School know that you"re waiting for the last letter. You might also want to think about asking another prof for the third letter.

Re: How much does late Recommendation Letter influence PhD application?

Postby bcjw5 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:22 pm

Hi TakeruK, give thanks to you so a lot for your reply! Yes, I will email each school"s physics department and also describe about the 3rd LOR. Hopetotally my applications would still be considered. Thanks!

Re: How much does late Recommendation Letter influence PhD application?

Postby chris314 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:49 pm

I simply went with this process myself, my recommender assured me he would certainly send his LOR however I haven"t heard from him in simply over a month. I emailed all of the departments and also described my situation and also asked to have actually an additional perkid submit a letter of reference. Luckily I had actually an additional professor willing to submit a letter of referral he currently created for me to these colleges.A few schools waived my 3rd LOR need, however I went ahead and also sent my third LOR anymethod once they enabled it. Some colleges already started the testimonial procedure, and would not accept a 3rd LOR at this allude, but they were still willing to testimonial my application.Best of luck to us both!

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