Does Revitalash Work?

When I got my hands on RevitaLash Icouldn"t wait to use it. I hadcaught wind of rumorsthat Revitalash was widely effective at making eyelashes longer andfuller and thought that thiscould be the answer to myprayers for Bambi-like lashes. Then Marta had to burst my bubble, ominously warning thatRevitaLash might stain myeyelid skin or even turn my baby blues brown! Refusing to cave to the naysayers, I persevered with my RevitaLash experiment, all for the sake of Truth in Aging and a genetically-endowed set of stubby lashes. Iam glad I did because, as you may have heard, RevitaLash works. Around thefive-weekmark, I started tonotice a difference. There is now a slight curl to the lashes on the outer edge, and one lash in particularseems to have nearly doubled in length. What my lashes continue to lack in thickness, they are beginning to make upfor in length.Once ashamed to admit that my boyfriend"s eyelasheswere moreluscious than mine, I amnow proud that my set can hold their own- withthe requisite dose of mascara, of course. Though some usersclaim that RevitaLash darkens the actual hair, I was not so lucky. With my light coloring, Istillneed to glob on mascara toachievethat enviable eye-popping effect. But on the upside, both my eyelids and eyes have retained their natural color. I was a little worried bya slight stinging sensation that occurred when I lined the liquid too heavily and felt it seep into my eye after closingit. Aside fromproducing a bloodshot effect,the stingingsubsides after a few seconds and is not so much painful as disconcerting,since it makes you wonder what exactly is reacting with your eyeball.

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Is Revitalash Safe?

Fortunately, what makes up RevitaLash no longer includes bimatoprost, an ingredient in glaucoma drugs to lower the fluid pressure in the eye, which can not onlydeactivate the drug, but can also lead to damage tothe optic nerve and even blindness for sufferers of the condition.The FDA has identified side effects in normal usersof bimatoprost as swelling of the retina, inflammation, and reduced vision. Athena Cosmetics, the manufacturer of RevitaLash, reformulated its eyelash product and relaunched it as an "eyelash conditioner"in January of this year. Instead of bimatoprost, RevitaLash now contains another so-called prostaglandin found in glaucoma drugs.

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The list of ingredients in RevitaLash is surprisingly short. There is some sodium chloride,a common medication to reduce the swelling of the cornea in certain eye conditions. Chlorphenesin, usedin cosmetics asan antimicrobal preservative, can also be takenorally asa muscle relaxant, which effectivelyblocksnerve impulses sent to the brain. Not commercially available in the U.S., chlorphenesin is linked to a number of unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness and dizziness, as well as interactions with other drugs.In addition to phenoxyethanol,chlorphenesin was part of the reasonbehind the mass recall of Mommy"s Bliss Nipple Cream. The FDA issued a warning that these two ingredients may cause "respiratory distress, vomiting, and diarrhea in infants." Studies have shown that both phenoxyethanol and chlorphenesincan depress the central nervous system and cause facial dermatitis. Though Revitalash"s reformulated ingredients have been marketed as "100% safe", the conspicuous presence of two precariouspreservatives makes you wonder- Just howsafewas the original formula? According to some users,RevitaLash has the potential to increase ocular pressure, and therefore, it is advised to see an opthamologist while using the product. I wearcontacts and didn"t notice anychange in vision, butI"m a little waryof long-term effects on eyesight if the solution continually comes into contact with the eyes. Minus thenominal discomfort, I experienced no iris discoloration nor anyother visible drawbacksafter six weeks of use. An articleon eyelash lengthening products in the Wall Street Journal last week included a quote by theopthamologist who founded Athena. He claimed that the ingredients in RevitaLash are "of a concentration that is reduced from anything that would be in any kind of medication" and that he has been "scupulously careful not to make any claims outside the realm of beautification." Desperate to comply with FDA regulations, RevitaLash ensures that itsingredientswill not be classified as drugs. But in no way does that mean they are safe.

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Is Revitalash Right for Me?

Revitalash may make eyelashes grow Revitalash has an active ingredient that is a prostaglandin Revitalash may have unwanted side effects Revitalash has preservatives that can cause irritation
Water Sodium Chloride Panthenol (Provitamin B-5) Citric Acid Phenoxyethanol Chlorphenesin Disodium Phosphate Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide Cellulose Gum

Despite all the bad reviews I read (and mom’s warnings) I started to use RevitaLash about 2 months ago. First strange thing was after about 2 weeks of usage every morning I had loads of pleghm in/around my eyes. “Never mind” I said, “couldn’t be cause of the serum”. My eyelashes got a bit longer and darker after a month, but they started to dramatically falling out from my right eyelid. It did look ridiculous, as the left eyelid’s lashes were looking really nice, but the other one’s like a japodized forest. I stopped using RevitaLash straight away. After quitting that product I have no more white staff coming out of my eyes, and my eyelashes are not falling anymore. I did cut them too just to make them even and get them stronger. Please don’t you ever consider to buy it. It’s a waste of money and definitely no good for the health of your eyes!

Has anyone had eye problems after using revitalash. My eyes feel as if there is a grain of sand moving around. I have taken to using a liquid drop on them hourlybut it doesn"t help.

I have used RapidLash and, more recently RevitaLash. The RapidLash worked extremely well, My average eyelashes were so long that after applying mascara they would touch my eyebrows. Happy, happy. Until it just stopped working, and I have heard from other users who had this same problem. That"s when I switched to RevitaLash. Much, much more expensive, but honestly, I will pay what I have to pay to have and keep these eyelashes. I"ve been using RevitaLash for about a year and have had some set backs. After a explosive growth period, my eyelashes were thick, black, and really long. Then they were not as thick, but still looked good, still dark, but not as long. With mascara they looked good but not as OMG good as they did at first. Then the really bad things began happening. The skin around the corner of my eye has darkened considerably. For the first time in my life, I have to apply makeup to conceal the discoloration. And the real deal breaker is the scattering of brown pigmentation in my pale green eyes around the pupil and scattered through out the iris. You will read how this won"t happen, but it does and it seems as if green eyes are the most susceptible. So now that I know the culprit, prostaglandin , can cause the same very undesireable side effects as bimatoprost, I will no longer use either product.

I am so relieved to read the above because I have been experiencing dizziness and am exhausted and actually went to the doctor today to get blood tests. Reading this makes me think its the revitalash that i use on my eyebrow.... They did grow but this is definitely not worth it!!

Revitalash was forced to legally change their formula because Latisse/Allergan sued them. They didn"t change it to make it more safe. The side effects listed for bimatoprost are for dropping DIRECTLY into the eye, which actually ISNT how you apply Latisse.Basically, the thing that "conditions" your lashes are B vitamins. A more cost effective solution would be vitamin E or castor oil. It will do the same thing!