I had a B+ last semester, and I will fail this semester. I don’t want to go right into more information than that.I am a sophomore in highschool.What do I do?

How a lot would certainly a 5 on the AP exam help? A 4?Can you take classes over the summer to make this up?If so, just how will certainly this look on my transcipt?How will this look on my tranmanuscript if there aren’t ways to make it up?Should I also bvarious other to use for colleges now? Competitive universties? I’m really stressed around this.

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Any advice or even previous experiences you guys might have is substantially appreciated, thank you.

How much would a 5 on the AP exam help? A 4?Not sure. If you"re slrfc.orging around college admissions, not much (from what I gather right here on CC). Although you can get college crmodify for your scores, adcom doesn"t take AP scores right into account once evaluating your application.Can you take classes over the summer to make this up?You must comment on this through your GC b/c various schools follow different policies. However before, I"ve never heard of of people taking courses over the summer to comprise for a failed semester of an AP course (as soon as I say this, I expect I haven"t heard of world taking AP courses over the summer).

Some colleges may enable you to retake the semester that you failed throughout the institution year, some may not.

If so, exactly how will this look on my transcript?Once aacquire, relies. How will certainly this look on my transcript if there aren"t means to make it up?Very bad. Going from a B+ -> E/F (whichever your school counts as failing) is questionable and also will be discussed by adcoms. If this happens, you"ll should job-related exceptionally hard for the next 2 years to attempt and also comprise for it.

There is also a opportunity that you’ll be brief of a half-credit/crmodify for graduation.So, for example,let’s say that someone takes AP Lang (english) and needs four English credits to graduate HS. They fail one semester, so they don’t get crmodify for the semester they failed - but they pass all their other English semesters. They would be brief of fifty percent a credit by graduation, and also they’d need to make it up someexactly how - or else they can’t graduate.Once again, this is something that requirements to be debated through your counselor.

Should I even bvarious other to use for colleges now? Competitive universities?WHAT - I"m sorry, that is an overreactivity. Of course you still have actually a swarm. Ivy League/various other height tier colleges may not be realistic with a faiattract in a semester, but other competitive schools? Of course you have to still try to apply!

You don’t understand your options. For instance, tright here is a opportunity that the failing grade could be “overwritten” if you retake the course.

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I wish I might assist you out more, yet all of these concerns additionally must be directed in the direction of your guidance counselor. Hopecompletely other people on CC have the right to help and carry out advice, however realize that we don’t go to your college and also don’t recognize your school’s policies. For this factor, we can’t really answer all of your questions for sure. Best of luck


Some teachers may curve your grade for passing with a 4 or 5. That score on the exam doesn’t aid your grade otherwise.