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At your college, can you be kicked out of a significant for failing a class as well many kind of times? (reputation, schools)
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Sorry if this looks familiar to some of you, I posted this on reddit a couple of weeks earlier and also didn"t obtain any type of sort of response, so I"m trying right here.At my college, you have the right to typically take a course up to 3 times (though the 3rd time they"re allowed to charge extra). However before, some classes have actually a limit of only 2 attempts.I was going via the different policies and also such, and witnessed that for my significant (accounting), if you fail an upper department accounting class twice, you have the right to be forced to adjust your major (bereason they won"t enable a third attempt). When I carried this as much as a finance frifinish of mine, she said she believes you can also acquire kicked out of the entire college of organization itself if you fail a reduced department service prerequiwebsite course (prefer lower level intro to accounting/ microeconomics/ macroeconomics etc).I looked right into this after my friend (he"s an design major) said he was booted from his major (it was a reduced division course that was a prerequiwebsite for his upper division significant classes. He failed the first time because the teacher was bad, the second time bereason the teacher didn"t supply on her promise to curve the grades). Now store in mind that it was his teacher that told the class that if it"s your second time taking the course, and you fail it, you"ll be kicked out of the major; he never before actually witnessed an adviser because he figured he was going to pass the course. So for all we recognize, he may still be allowed to take the class again.So because my frifinish never before actually talked to an adviser or adjusted his significant, I"m left wondering- have the right to you really gain kicked out of your major or college (college as in "college of business" or "college of medicine" etc.) for simply failing a class a pair times? How does it occupational at your college and also what are your institutions plans on the matter? Typically I hear of civilization acquiring kicked out of their college bereason they couldn"t meet the entrance gpa to declare their significant.I just ask because the frifinish I pointed out sassist our institution was bull**** for having actually the policy, however I feel like it"s a policy that most institutions implement, not simply ours (though I might be wrong). Even though our university isn"t THE simplest to acquire right into in my state (there"s one more nearby university that holds this reputation), my frifinish blames the truth that the kinda low entrance demands have weakened its reputation and that"s why they have actually this ascendancy (it"s a preeminence he believes just our school has because of its low regarded worth and also that better schools do not have actually this rule).tl:dr have the right to you obtain kicked out of your major failing a class for your significant as well many time? Has it happened to you or anyone you recognize, or is a plan you"ve heard of at your school? A friend of mine is under the presumption it"s just our college.