What is Guardians of the Galaxy? A Galatic and Heroic team as in Star Wars or Star Trek.But we"re not talking around the George Lucas Universe...I"m Talking around the Marvel Cinematic Universe"s Guardians of the Galaxy.

There will certainly be 8 Character which is Star-Lord,Gamora,Rocket,Groot,Drax,Yondu,Mantis and Nebula.And tbelow will certainly be 10 Inquiry.Lets check out which Guardians Of The Galaxy are you.

Created by: Sherloque

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How old are you? 0-12 13-18 19-30 31-40 41-50 51-DeathWhat is your gender? Male FemaleWhat is the colour of your skin? White(pale) White(normal) Green Blue Naturally InvisibilityWhich of this case have actually you faced? Taken ameans from my parental fees See among your family members member dies Didn"t understand anything about your parents Faced a several deathWhich of these Guardians carry out you like? Star-Lord Gamora Drax Groot Rocket Mantis Nebula YonduWhich of these line perform you prefer in "Avengers:Infinity War"? I"m gonna ask you 1 time,Where"s Gamora? I perform you one better,Why is Gamora?!?! You must have eliminated me. I am Groot Something"s happening... Come and also gain some,SPACE DOGS!!! Which isn"t the suggest... What... :(Choose an ability Space Gun Sword Stick Tree-arm Void Mask Laser Arrow that can be regulated by whistling Power of Sleep The Great Power of.........INVISBILITYDo you prefer Thor? Yes Maybe No,he"s just tall male and not incredibly great looking Wao,we are so FASCINATED by this question.But we desire the result currently I perform you one much better,Who"s Thor?Who is Rocket? Food A Jerk A excellent friend He"s just choose me A puppy A RaccoonFinally,Who is Drax A man that shed his household. A REVENGEr Awesome and invisible assassin A walking Thesasaurus Funny Character

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Quiz topic: Which Guardians of the Galaxy character am I?

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