What goes up and down without moving? Riddles have actually never before been my strong point, yet this one recorded my eye. I’ll provide you a couple of seconds to ponder your answer.

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First, just how does one go about answering such a riddle? The “without moving” component says the major restriction. So we collection that problem initially and then look for any type of compliant answer which fulfills the “up and down” requirement.


The answer could be somepoint that is solved in one place. It could be somepoint that spans the “up” and “down” from its existing place. Could it be something abstract like air or eactivities that perform not have a tangible physical manifestation, and therefore execute not show up to be moving?

Time’s up. Did you make a guess yet?

I frequently draw a blank as soon as it comes to riddle questions. When in doubt, ask the Internet. Paging Google…

What goes up and also dvery own without moving?

Tright here are several possible answers. Please have actually a look and also then feel cost-free to comment on them in your comment. Other suggestions are welcome also.

The Sun:

On the Riddlesbrainteasers.com forum, numerous human being argued that the sun goes up and dvery own without relocating. Why doesn’t it move? Because the earth is relocating about it, providing us the illusion that it is circling our people. We are moving in relation to the sun, so it appears to go “up and down” each day without actually needing to move. Of course, the sun is not stationary (it does rotate and also move with space), but it does not need to do so to create the perception (from our vantage allude on earth) of going up and down.

Info Source: RiddlesBrainTeasers

A Flight of Stairs:

What goes up and dvery own without moving? ResearchManiacs believes that the ideal answer is a flight of stairs. It does not move. And it connects up through dvery own. Yet this is slightly disingenuous because the stairs themselves execute not GO up and also dvery own. Only world walking up and dvery own the stairs travel in between these altitudes and also they are moving in order to attain this.


Info Source: ResearchManiacs

The Carpet on the Stairs:

Similarly, something lassist over the surconfront of the stairs could be sassist to be going up and down without actually relocating. A carpet fits this meaning. Even a person laying dvery own (uncomfortably) on the stairs and also extending a number of measures can be shelp to be going up and also down without any kind of activity. I’ll credit the Teacherneedaid.com site for the carpet principle.

Info Source: TeacherNeedHelp

People on an Escalator:

Though I have actually not seen this stated somewhere else, an escalator is an noticeable variation on the stairsituation. Escalators are moving stairs. So the stairinstance no much longer adheres to the “without moving” condition. But what about the human being on it? They are travelling up or down without relocating their very own bodies to obtain there.

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Temperature plunges high and low without activity. However, to track this, one needs a thermometer. Up and also down is precisely what a thermometer shows.


Tbelow must be various other possible answers for this riddle. Do you have actually any excellent ideas?

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