The Willow tree has this history of symbolism in spirituality and social legacies. Celtic and Christian legacies have referenced the willow tree in their tasks and lore. The willow tree is special and also famously well-known for its adaptability.

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It has this trait where it bends in assorted angles and also poses without snapping. This trait has actually been typically used as an allegory by human being that are seeking recovery or following unexplained spiroutine courses.

It is frequently offered as soon as advice is offered to a perchild who needs to adjust to life and also completely surrender to the adjust procedure quite than fighting the unpreventable.

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3 Usual Symbolism

The Willow Tree History

This tree has been quite well-known via various cultures for many type of centuries. There are actually more than 400 species of the willow tree around the human being and this is why they have this enormous affect on gardens, medicine and also mythology, and also folklore.

This tree is a survivor and also deserve to be easily rooted from cuttings and deserve to thrive from a simple branch stuck on the ground. This is why it is a widespread tree approximately the human being.

Myths and Superstitions

The weeping willow is prevalent in Eastern society and also this is why it prominently attributes in their folk tales and also art.

The ancient Chinese believed that the willow branches would certainly ward off the evil spirits which why they were always put over doormethods to save those evils spirits at bay.

It is believed that the first weeping willow actually grew in Babylon of the Holy bible wright here the Israelites were taken right into slavery.

According to the bible in the book of Psalm 137: By the rivers of Babylon, tbelow we sat dvery own, yea, we wept, once we remembered Zion.

We hanged our harps upon the willows in the middle thereof.”

As we can check out, they indeed did hang their harps on the willow tree whose branches were hanging downwards and also to this day they “weep” and prosper downwards and the reality that they wept under these trees, maybe that is where the “Weeping willow” name came around.

It is, however, the Native Amerideserve to and Celtic legends that are rife with the willow tree. This is why many type of well known sayings and also practices have come around about the willow.

In some of these legends, it is thought that knocking on a willow sends out away poor luck. This is wbelow the custom of ‘touch wood’ and ‘knock on wood’ came around.

The human being, especially from parts of Europe, actually believed that the wind in the willow leaves were the elves who whispered and also talked among themselves.

People also planted willows close to their residences in order to proccasion bad luck from happening while others thought that confessing your deepest keys to a willow tree will encertain that the tricks reprimary trapped inside the lumber forever.

The Native Americans, on the other hand also, tied the willow branches to their watercrafts as protection from storms and to their lodges for defense of the Great Spirit.

Usual Symbolism

There are assorted symbolism of the willow tree in miscellaneous cultures and in miscellaneous facets of life and they are as complies with.

Symbol Of Adaptcapability And Survival

The reality that the willow tree deserve to bfinish in assorted outrageous poses without snapping makes it an excellent instance of adaptability to a case.

It is a very powerful symbol of survival bereason it has actually the capability to endure in also the many complicated of cases such as heavy storms through the strongest winds.

The branches will certainly never quickly break no matter how bent by the strong winds they are. In the event that they carry out break, they grow aget and this offers the tree this crooked, scarred look which actually contributes to its in its entirety magnificent.

The willow tree as a symbol of adaptcapacity likewise encourages expression whether of love, loss, sadness and also so on.

It is a tree that symbolizes that also with good loss, tright here is constantly an possibility for something brand-new to arise, something even much better.

Willow Color Symbolism

The colors of the tree likewise hold one-of-a-kind meaning and depict wealthy symbolism. The trunk of the tree is of the color brvery own which symbolizes stcapacity, assistance and framework.

Brown depicts that feeling of duty and also duty or security and belonging. The Environment-friendly of the leaves on the branches is usually a symbol of nature, fertility, and life.

Balance, expansion, discovering, and also harmony are additionally various other points that the green leaves indicate. The willow bimpend shade is also an important component of shade symbolism.

The white blossom is a symbol of purity and consciousness, while the pink blossoms are signs of love and also relationships.

The yellow blossoms are thmust signify the joy of new life into the human being. Because of this stcapability, hope, relationships, and expansion are the major things that the colors of this tree indicate.

Celtic Symbolism

The willow is an excellent component of Celtic background and also it is frequently times connected through metaphysical and also routine methods. The tree has actually been provided in many type of ceremonies regarded psychic abilities improvement, moon honoring and love ceremonies.

Back in the era of primitive Celtic tribes, the druid priests and priestesses, bards and ovates all organized the willow in high esteem and they recognized its affinity to watery atmospheres.

The Willow actually gets its moon associations bereason of its relationship via water. The moon is obviously influential as soon as it concerns the moving tides and also other effects of its pull.

The Celtic spiritual leaders known such herbal unions which is why they listed the Willow’s prominence as soon as it concerns affecting psychic visions which permitted a clearer knowledge of the civilization then.


The willow tree will constantly be essential in many cultures and legacies around the human being.

We all learn from the willow tree in one means or another. We usage it to promote feelings of safety, protection, personal expansion and also to keep ourselves encouraged.

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Tright here is no doubt that the symbolic power of the weeping willow tree is solid and also will continue to be so.

After all, hasn’t the tree prrange that you deserve to adapt to difficult transforms in your life and still arise triumphantly? Definitely, it has actually. Thank you for taking the time to read this write-up !