If you"re ever before struggling for internet on your phone, via your 3G or 4G playing silly buggers with you, sometimes you"ll alert that a big resources letter "E" arrives in their area.

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But WTF does it mean? Normally it"s a surefire authorize that your internet signal is going to continue to be crap, and that you shouldjustgive up trying to google motivational Beyoncé quotes until you uncover wifi.

What does the "E" actually stand also for, though? The people of Twitter having actually been asking for some while...

This content is imported from Twitter. You might be able to uncover the same content in an additional format, or you may be able to find even more indevelopment, at their web site.
This content is imported from Twitter. You might have the ability to discover the same content in one more format, or you may have the ability to uncover even more indevelopment, at their internet site.

But we"ve lastly obtained some answers, many thanks toJoe.ie. They"ve indeveloped us that the "E" actually stands for "EDGE", or"Enhanced File Rates for GSM Evolution", in tech sheight.

Apparently, EDGE was the forefather of 3Gor 4G,earlier in the days where we didn"t actually use the internet on our phones, a lot of likely bereason it took around 3 hours to pack anything. EDGE will certainly be existing almost everywhere that cannot connecttoa 3G or 4G netoccupational.

The "E" isn"tquiteas bad as the GPRS you can additionally have seen in the height left hand edge of your phone. That stands forGeneral Packet Radio Service and also basically means "don" bother via the internet appropriate currently at all".

The only point worse than THAT is no company at all. Which, in our on demand also modern-day day way of life, isn"t appropriate at all.

Well, you learn somepoint brand-new every day.

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