1. verb Literally, of air, to move somepoint off of a surchallenge. In this consumption, a noun or pronoun can be provided in between "blow" and also "off." That wind this particular day blew off every one of the clothes I"d held on the clothesline. Thank you so much for blowing the snow off of my car!
2. verb, slang To neglect or purposely avoid a perboy, planned event, or responsibility, often to execute something frivolous instead. In this consumption, a noun or pronoun can be offered in between "blow" and "off." I blew off course this afternoon and also went to the mall rather. Tom and also I were intended to go on a day tonight, but he completely blew me off!
3. verb To communicate in frivolous or unabundant tasks. Soptimal blowing off and just job-related on your paper!
4. verb To explode off of somepoint, generally because of a boost in pressure that need to be released. If you keep shaking that bottle of soda, the cap is going to blow off!
5. verb To voice one"s anger or frustration. I"m sorry to rant favor that, however occupational is so frustrating appropriate now that I needed to blow off a little.

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6. verb To deceive or swindle someone or somepoint. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used in between "blow" and " off." Ever because Todd found out I have actually money, I obtain the feeling that he"s trying to blow me off.
8. noun An dispute. In this consumption, the phrase is frequently hyphenated. Have you 2 reconciled after your blow-off last week?
9. noun The act of ignoring someone. I thought our day went well, however he appears to be offering me the blow off now—he hasn"t called in days.
10. noun The last in a series of recurring offenses or troubles that reasons one to lastly shed patience. In this consumption, the expression is often hyphenated. My mom"s catty comments commonly annoy me, however as soon as she insulted my husband, that was the blow off!
11. noun Something that is extremely basic to execute. In this consumption, the expression is regularly hyphenated. Come on, these chores are a blow-off—you can obtain them done in 10 minutes.

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12. noun One that prioritizes frivolous activities over essential or abundant ones. In this consumption, the expression is frequently hyphenated. Stop being such a blow-off and simply job-related on your paper!
2. tv. to cwarmth someone or a group; to deceive someone or a team. Don’t try to blow me off! I know what’s what.
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