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You guys must be kidding! I am lucky if I see 306m on the DTE.Of course, here I am stuck around Boston...
Your DTE is based on how the computer calculated your MPG over the last haul, thus it varies for every driver. I am not sure, but I do believe it considers "empty" when you still have plenty of a reserve left. When I highwayed across country and got 550 on a tank consistently, that"s what it would show on DTE after a fillup.Regardless, one thing"s for certain: Nissan"s fuel computer isn"t the sharpest. Heck, even "average speed" is always off by about 3mpg, even when you reset it while your speed"s set on cruise control and you"re traveling on a flat surface.

Heck, even "average speed" is always off by about 3mpg, even when you reset it while your speed"s set on cruise control and you"re traveling on a flat surface.

I get the same thing. mid 300"s is the best I get. It seems to me that the car also goes through more gas than it should. My G35 Coupe had the same motor with a smaller tank (18gal) and seemed to get better fuel efficiency. I would suggest playing the "empty game" to see how big the reserve is. The second that you see the gas light come on, fill up the car and see how many gallons it takes, subtract that from 20 and bingo! That will give you a good feel for how large the reserve is. Much like when you fill up and the needle goes waaaaay above the full mark, the same thing happens on the empty side. That needle can go waaaaay down before you sputter to a hault. If you"ve got the nerves (and AAA), give it a whirl.
My DTE is around 400 at fill up. I was shocked on my first two fill ups. On both occasions I filled up when the light came on and was shocked to see that I had 3 and 3.5 gallons left respectively. During this last tank of gas, I drove for approx. 60 miles with the fuel light on and still had 1.5 gallons left at fill up. That"s Nissan"s way of playing it safe.
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I had a similar problem with mine on the first few tanks of gas. I let it run down a bit on a tank and the problem seems to have corrected itself. Now when it says I have 1/4 tank left, the tank takes about 15 gallons at the pump.
I get mid 300"s and this week averaged 18.3mpg. Mind you i drive through Washington DC"s horrible traffic everyday, and I usually make about 10 short drives a day, so naturally, my mileage sucks a fat one. I drove down to southern VA last weekend and got 26.5mpg going down and back I-81 at about 85mph. Cant complain.
hello? does anyone not realize I must be sucking BIG TIME ASS ? ... I have a 7 mile commute to work, I"d say about 2 miles regular road, 5 miles on the highway. Sometimes I travel another 7 miles into Boston, with about 50% of it on a "highway" . Seriously, where do I get my sucky mpg?I guess it"s not that sucky -- I"ve been tracking using a palm software since day one, my average is 18.0. (one time it showed I got 16.6mpg! not sure why, or how...). But I have NEVER seen the DTE even approach upper 300s... and I"m not a crazy driver either!!
...well you do live in boston...j/p, my fam is all from the north end, and i know drivers there are crazy. I live outside of DC, commute into alexandria (like the drive from wuburn to cambridge) everyday, and make a few short drives imbetween. Its the constant stopping and acceleration that eats our gas so fast, there nothing you can do accept drive less or move out west. Try additive and a grounding kit, might help a little. I got 3 more mpg with mine.
I got the grounding kit in fact, will install this weekend along with an intake To be honest, I"m exxagerating a bit. Even my Sentra SE-R never got much, and you know what, it"s the price to pay for performance cars.ON the other hand, I average only about 9000 miles a year, keeps my car nice and fresh...
^You know the grounding kit nor the intake will make enough difference on your mlg. unless you drive mostly on hwy at cruising speeds or you are a good driver meaning you use less braking and fast acceleration.
since when is a good driver someone who brakes less and does slow accelerations? ;-)As I mentioned, I dont really mind it. With my usage, it comes out to refueling every 8 days, for around $35. I don"t mind that too much. I was just surprised I"m still the only one to report not even coming close to 350+ on the DTE.
DTE in my 02 3.5 SE constantly changes and seems dependant on the current MPG reading.I always have DTE around 420 miles at fillup time.. but it changes as I drive, and it drops down to flashing in less then 370 miles.. but the reserve is very big, as I"ve driven over 420 miles on a tank w/ no problems.
At the average 24 mpg i get, a full 20 gallon tank should run out in about 480 miles.. I guess that"s why i"ve gone 420+ without a problem.
Yesterday I filled up when the gas light came on and filled it up ($50). I put 57L in it, which means that there is a 19L reserve! DTE said 650KMS
I always get around 450-420 at fill up.....i have 3.5 se, and have drove about 80 miles with gas light on so i know we have a pretty big reserve......guessin maybe 4 or 5 gallon reserve
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Hmmm.. You guys need to take an easy on that throttle . I am still running down the first tank on my 3.5SE (5spd) so the car is not even broken in yet. I am on pace to get 885kms on this tank. That is 550 miles. I am hoping once it is broken in I can get 600 miles/ tank..

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