I was drinking with some friends and also we couldn't discover what the meaning of the 06/13 on the side of his Guinness glass was. Does anyone know what this stands for? Thanks. Sorry to anyone who sees this as a prevalent question.

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Looks choose it's a date mark to certify high quality.

From Wikipedia:

The Republic of Ireland also uses a 20 ounce (approximately 568 mL) 1 pint glasses, where legal metrology marks are provided to show that a glass has actually passed inspection by the National Standards Authority of Ireland, a state-run body who enpressure a variety of standard rulings. Starting in 2006, the NSAI "pint" note, a circle featuring 2 wavy lines, in between which "PINT" is composed, through a year mark (last two digits), and also a three digit batch code either side; has actually begun to be phased out with a European conventional "PINT"/CE logo stamp. Smaller Pint glasses have been supplied in pubs and nightclubs though.

Source: Link.

Hope this is what you're trying to find, I apologize if it is not.

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No apology necessary that was precisely what I was in search of. Thank you, I appreciate the assist.

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