Peter Thiel asks people that question in interviews. It’s one of the opening lines of his book, Zero to One. It’s an awesome question. How you answer it have the right to tell someone a lot about you. It’s open up ended. Broad. It’s a question designed to obtain someone to reveal something deep about their personna.

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I have learned a lot startup investing. I don’t think I will certainly ever soptimal finding out. When I traded, I never had actually it all answered either. As I check out the book, I believed around just how many times I stepped out and also made contrarian bets. The crowd went one way, and I went one more. A lot of the time, I failed. That’s why tright here is wisdom in crowds. But, if you always go with the crowd, you blfinish in. As shortly as I obtained cocky and assumed I had the civilization licked, the industry had actually a way of knocking me on my ass.

No one makes a huge affect or the majority of money by blfinishing in.

Thiel says, “It’s intellectually challenging bereason the expertise everyone is taught in institution is by interpretation agreed upon. And it’s psychologically tough because anyone trying to answer have to say somepoint she knows to be unpopular. Brilliant reasoning is rare, however courage is in also shorter supply than genius.(Bold is my include for emphasis)

I remember two moments at various points of my schooling that influenced me. The first remained in second grade art class. We were intended to draw and shade a scene of insects in tall grass. Eextremely son in the class attracted the method the teacher wanted. I drew an extremely stylized cartoonish version. The teacher graded me down because I was out of action with the class. When I was sitting in a lecture hall during BA 303 at the University of Illinois, Professor Hill asked us, “How many type of world want to run their own business? Please stand up.” 3-4 of us in a substantial lecture hall stood up. My classmates looked at us favor we were from Mars. At that time, the economy hadn’t rebounded yet and the track was college to corpoprice task.

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Today, I would answer by saying that Chicearlier and also the greater Midwest will certainly be the location to make investments in future modern technology in the time of the next ten years. Why? Two factors. People anywhere in the people have to eat. The worldwide rise in the middle course means they will certainly want accessibility to better food. If the Midwest is good at anything, it’s food, food manufacturing, The second factor is civilization need sanctuary. The Midwest has several architectural and structure modern technology DNA that can be used as a base for development.