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Travelling to a brand-new place have the right to be nerve-wracking, and also as soon as a whole region is your oyster it deserve to be tough to recognize wright here to begin. Even for those that have travelled broadly in Asia or Europe, Latin America have the right to present fresh obstacles. In reality, it’s a totally different ballgame. We regularly acquire asked for the best places for your initially time in Latin America if you don’t stop Spanish, and although numerous people worry about it, tbelow are still numerous choices that wouldn’t be a total disaster must you find yourself up the Amazon without a paddle.

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After this list of the ideal places for your initially time in Latin America if you don’t soptimal Spanish, you may additionally be interested in reading:

If you’re sticking to the touristic centres of funding cities and organised tours, you can essentially pick all over for your initially time in Latin America if you don’t stop Spanish, however then you would certainly miss out on out on really obtaining the flavour of the nation you’re experimenting.

We execute appreciate though that organised tours are still a favourite through several people due the capability to really get to recognize fellow visitors and relax about take a trip plans, so if you want an immersive team tour we highly recommfinish exploring G Adventures.

Before we obtain to the juicy stuff of our list of ideal locations for your initially time in Latin America if you don’t stop Spanish, we’re going to provide a small comparison of exactly how language can impact your experiences in Latin America compared to the various other take a trip hotspot, South-East Asia.


And that have the right to all have actually numerous knock-on results on your suffer as a traveller in the time of your first time in Latin America if you don’t stop Spanish (even in Brazil you deserve to simply around acquire by via knowledge each other in Spanish, and many locals will certainly speak it as an advanced second language in border states).

It’s fairly normal for tours to just be run in Spanish or Portuguese, for museums not to have any kind of placard translations, and for supervisors of your accommodation to soptimal little bit to no English, depending upon just how city the location is.

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It is noticeable that the average age of travellers in Latin America is higher than those in Asia, specifically South-East Asia which has actually a sort of a backpacking-for-beginners form vibe in locations. Latin America is regularly seen as an extra complex region for travel, and having watched both we would need to agree in many instances.

Tbelow is primarily a heartwarming effort amongst mid/long-term travellers in Latin America to take the moment to learn at least survival Spanish. Just a couple of friendly phrases can make the difference!