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To Kill a Mockingbird is a famous novel that was created by Harper Lee . Its driving force is the trial of Tom Robinson, a babsence guy who is falsely accsupplied of raping a white woguy. Regardless of his innocence, Robinson is sentenced to jail. The novel takes location in the...

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To Kill a Mockingbird is a famed novel that was created by Harper Lee. Its driving pressure is the trial of Tom Robinboy, a babsence male who is falsely accsupplied of raping a white woman. Regardless of his innocence, Robinchild is sentenced to jail. The novel takes area in the Deep South in the 1930s. Robinson had actually no actual chance of beating the charge, also though Atticus Finch provided him with a great defense.

In chapter 24, we learn that Tom Robinkid has passed away. He was shot in prison by a team of guards after attempting to escape. They shelp it taken place throughout an exercise period. When Tom tried climbing the fence, the guards swarm in the air to speak him. When that didn"t occupational, they eliminated him. He passed away with seventeenager bullet holes in his body. Lee leaves it approximately our imagination regarding whether this is what actually taken place or if a group of white guards sindicate took the judicial procedure right into their very own hands.

In the literal sense, it"s incredibly clear who eliminated Tom Robinson—a team of prikid guards. However, tright here are disagreements to be made that it"s not really the group of guards who killed Tom, nor was it the jury that sentenced him to priboy. You could make the dispute that it was Mayella Ewell that eliminated Tom. She"s the one that made up the rape charge that he had actually no possibility of ever beating. Or, you can also argue that it was her father, Bob Ewell, who killed Tom. He"s the one who abused Mayella. He made her feel favor she had actually no power, so she sought it by asking Tom to engage in a connection with her.

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I think every one of these causes for Tom"s death are partial truths. What really killed Tom is the culture he stayed in. It"s hesitant he would certainly have actually been sent out to jail if he were a white man. If the guards staged his fatality, then they more than likely wouldn"t have had the very same desire to kill him if Tom were a white man. Tright here are dozens of facets of culture that added to Tom"s death. Although it was the guards that pulled the trigger, Tom Robinboy was a victim of societal racism.