complement of the null hypothesisstatement that must be true if H0 is false and it includes a statement of strict inequality (higher than, much less than, not equal to)
denotes the level of meaning of a hypothesis test, and it is the probability of committing a kind I error
null and also alternativeThe null hypothesis H0 is a statistical hypothesis that has a statement of​ ehigh quality, such as ≤​, =​, or ≥.The alternate hypothesis Ha is the complement of the null hypothesis. It is a statement that should be true if H0 is false and it has a statement of strict​ inequality, such as >​, ≠​, or They are complements
False. A small​ P-worth in a test will favor a rejection of the null hypothesis.The smaller the​ P-worth of the​ test, the more evidence tbelow is to disapprove the null hypothesis.

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false. If you desire to assistance a​ claim, write it as your different hypothesis.A hypothesis test can only reject or fail to refuse the null hypothesis. Failing to disapprove the null hypothesis does not suppose that the null hypothesis is true. So to support a​ insurance claim, the desired result of the test would be to refuse the opposite of that insurance claim.​ Thus, the oppowebsite of the case need to be proclaimed as the null​ hypothesis, and the insurance claim need to be the alternate hypothesis.
Use the offered statement to reexisting a insurance claim. Write its complement and also state which is H0 and which is greater than or amounts to 568
Use the given statement to represent a insurance claim. Write its enhance and also state which is H0 and which is Ha.sigma = 3
A null and also alternate hypothesis are offered. Determine whether the hypothesis test is​ left-tailed, right-tailed, or​ two-tailed.H0​:σ ≥ 66Ha​: σ
constantly figured out by Ha-much less than (L tail), better than (R tail), not equal to (split tail)left-tailed test
For the statement​ listed below, create the claim as a mathematical statement. State the null and different hypotheses and also recognize which represents the insurance claim.A laptop manufacturer claims that the mean life of the battery for a particular model of laptop is less than 9 hours.

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For the statement​ below, create the claim as a mathematical statement. State the null and alternate hypotheses and determine which represents the case.A laptop manufacturer clintends that the expect life of the battery for a certain design of laptop is much less than 3 hours.

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