There"s a small boy waitin" at the respond to of the edge shop He"s been waitin" down tright here Waiting fifty percent the day We never before ever watch him from the height He gets pumelted around
Knocked to the ground But he gets to his feet and also he says... What around me It isn"t fair I"ve had actually enough now I desire my share Can"t you watch I wanna live But you just take even more then you give There"s a pretty girl standing at the counter of the edge shop
She"s been waitin" earlier tright here Waitin" for her desires Her dreams walk in and also out, they never before sheight Well she"s not as well proud To cry out loud She runs to the street and also she screams: What about me It isn"t fair
I"ve had actually sufficient now I desire my share Can"t you watch I wanna live But you simply take even more then you give So take a step earlier and also watch the little bit civilization They might be young But they"re the ones that make the big world massive So listen As they whisper What about me Now I"m standing on the corner all the world"s gone home
Nobody"s readjusted Nobody"s been conserved And I"m feeling cold and also alone I guess I"m lucky I smile a lot But occasionally I wish for even more Then I go... What about me It isn"t fair I"ve had enough now I desire my share Can"t you watch I wanna live But you just take more what around me It isn"t fair I"ve had actually enough now I desire my share Can"t you see I wanna live But you just take even more You simply take even more You just take even more then you provide What about me What around me What around me


I agree with Brad T. This is an excellent version however it falls method brief of Shannon Noll when it involves that is the much better.

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Watching I’m a Celeb and Shannon said that his variation was released in Ireland also however better than that got stopped as Simon Cowell spoke to the writers and also gained this variation released. It sold a million copies and also Shannon’s version didn’t go any type of further.

Shannon, to be fair, has actually no clue. The truth is if his variation was released nobody in the UK kbrand-new him, he"d have actually too far to fly to promote it in person, and also what would certainly he follow it up with? Simon threw it on this guy"s album as a filler. The ALBUM offered well because the Brits favored him (he came runner up). The song was not released as a single. That"s organization and exactly how it functions. Mister Noll requirements to wake as much as himself.

Sorry, however I have to disagree with that. Had he had actually the possibility to release the single properly, it may have actually done well. It got to No. 2 in the charts in Ireland, at the time, so the likelihood is it would"ve fared well in the remainder of the UK. He never obtained the possibility many thanks to Cowell so we"ll never know.Shayne Ward on the other hand could"ve easily not had actually the song on his album and it still would"ve sold millions, it"s Shayne Ward.

which completely ignores the truth that Shannon"s recording was for sale in Australia, not in overseas sectors.

poida Ireland also is an overseas sector, it invested nearly 6 months in the optimal 10, it was likewise renowned in New Zealand. Although not approximately the entire planet, I’d consider that a limited international release.

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I loved this song when I was a kid yet no one ever before seemed to recognize a lot around it. I never before taken why, it was my favorite of all

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