Perhaps an homage to this part of the movie Aliens (1986)?

Also, an explanation of the possible origins and meaning of the expression:


Yes, it's absolutely an homage to Aliens, given that everyone loves that movie. Firebrand also is a lot choose Ferro, piloting a dropship.

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724 hours of XCOM2, I finally chose to discover out what that supposed. I guess I didn't remember this part of the movie, also... Edit: Apparently Starcraft had actually this quote, too!

The quora connect is more than likely correct. I'm a article Aliens Veteran and also we've supplied that expression to signify "En course to objective, radio signal nominal". I don't think it's widespread, and also it certainly isn't an main radio contact out, or at leastern it wasn't in between 2000 and also 2003.

Yeah, I've only heard In The Pipe provided in operations as a referral to the movie since it's not typical comm chatter. Helo males appeared to still usage Five-By-Five for its original objective though (Wiki link above).

It's worth noting that once the character initially said "in the pipe" she was dropping from orlittle bit. So, a little various than a normal method vector but perhaps she could neither drop also quick nor aerobrake also a lot. I'd assumed the screenwriter was reasoning about the Gap Shuttle landings and essentially the 'pipe' the shuttle was supposed to fly within to safely land also. Seems that "In The Pipe" likewise has been provided considering that the fifties for using the appropriate Infil/Exfiltration paths out of guarded airspace such as for bombing runs.

Whether or not it's a direct reference to popular culture, the expression five by 5 is nomenclature referring to volume and understanding. For example, weak but readable, a condition wright here I deserve to hear you yet you are coming in extremely quiet could be two by 5. In other cases, you are loud yet the signal is distorted, or five by 2. The 'coveted' 5 by five easy indicates I have the right to hear and also understand also you, and also is regularly reduced even additionally to the simplistic 'fivers'.

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This is why the phrase is used in tv and movies, it sounded cool to someone and they threw it in. It has actually it's beginnings in actual usage, usage that persists to this day. Most people aren't radio operators, so it makes feeling it isn't common understanding.

Well in the last frame of your youtube attach, am I alone in reasoning this looks a lot favor Firebrand?