Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Seachild 8 Discoincredibly difficulties proceed in Week 7 with a brand-new loading display featuring the coveted Tier 100 skin this seachild.

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Week 7 only simply started on Thursday morning, yet for anybody that completed all salso obstacles — including visiting 3 piprice camps in a solitary complement — and also wants to case a mystery fight star, we’ve acquired just the guide to assist.

In the new loading display, Luxe is lowering herself into some type of cave that’s loaded with enough glowing treasure to make any dragon jealous. Illuminated on the cave wall behind her, on the top-left of the photo, is some kind of cave paint. The orientation is off right here, yet it depicts a wooden rablittle bit through a battle star on its earlier.

Yes, that’s the same wooden rabbit featured in the Week 6 difficulty. Like the rock pig and the metal llama, the wooden rablittle is just one of the 3 enormous animal landmarks composed of typical Fortnite structure materials.


Luxe is looting a severe amount of treasure in the Week 7 Discovery loading display screen, and also the clue is on the left.Epic Games

Like similar weekly loading display obstacles, this key battle star is just ideal on the facility of the rabbit’s earlier.

For anyone that demands even more specific guidance, the video at the height of this write-up from YouTuber HarryNinetyFour mirrors specifically wbelow to go. (Be certain to examine out their YouTube page for even even more Fortnite videos).

The huge wooden rabbit is on a mountainous peak simply north of Snobby Shores, incredibly cshed to the shore. It’s very hard to miss and is quickly viewable from both the map and the sky.


Remember that this key battle star will certainly only appear to players that have completed salso complete weeks of difficulties and also unlocked the Week 7 loading display featuring Luxe. Otherwise, it won’t show up at all. With only a few weeks left in Seakid 8, it’s time to gain going.

The in-game countdvery own indicates that Seaboy 8 ends on May 8, so players have till then to finish this and other difficulties before Seakid 9 arrives.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Seaboy 8, Week 8must start the morning of Thursday, April 18.

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