Fortnite seachild 8 has arrived through a zillion brand-new challenges to complete to rank up your fight pass, yet additionally to march towards yet one more mystery skin unlock. Last time, we unlocked the Fire King/Prisoner, and also he made an entire freaking volcano on the map as of today, so whatever before this skin ends up being is clearly going to be pretty crucial in the “plotline” of Fortnite. And choose the Fire King, it may have its own unlockable phase challenges as well for the the majority of dedicate of players.

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But that’s a lengthy ways ameans, and initially, we need to begin via week 1. There are seven challenges for you to finish, and once you execute, you will unlock the above item of wallpaper that mirrors Blackheart sailing right into town to hunt for some treacertain.

He also shows you wbelow the hidden battle star is if you zoom in a small bit more. It will certainly be tright here once you complete all seven difficulties for the week.

The place you’re in search of is a new one, Lazy Lagoon, which is in the north of the map in a brand-new water area that was not tbelow before and has reinserted Lazy Links, the previous golf course. There’s no time for gold wright here there’s treasure to be found, I mean.Here’s what the whole map looks prefer now for reference:

You are trying to find a details spot in the little village next to the piprice ship, which have the right to be found on the map here:

The fight star is on top of the tower in the middle of the area, and you will certainly either have to develop as much as it or land also on it straight in order to obtain it. No little bit patch of earth for the fight star to spring out of this time, and also you may have actually some competition offered how many world are going to be exploring the brand-new called locations.

After that, you will certainly be well on your method to ascending up the ranks of your battle pass, and one week closer to unlocking the Discovery skin. I think that Epic has actually readjusted the skin so you can’t tell what it is simply from the silhouette anyeven more, as it’s simply a generic “person-shape” to protect against speculation. No one saw the Fire King coming, so I mean this one will certainly come to be a surprise also.

Lots to execute and also to inspect out as seachild 8 arrives here and also this is uh, already my fourth post around it this morning and also I think I might have to go ago to bed. See you out tbelow (later on, perhaps).

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