Here is a failure of the peak watches that look prefer Cartier Tank. All of these timepieces make for excellent alternatives to Cartier Tank.

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The Tank watch by Cartier is truly an iconic timepiece. The first Tank watch collection was released in 1919, with many kind of even more collections of it being released up till this particular day.

The Tank Cartier is among the world’s a lot of classic and timemuch less watches. Making Cartier Tank homage watches super famous this particular day.

In this blog article we’ll show you our top picks of the finest alternatives to Cartier Tank. We’ll focus on affordability, quality, and style.

Take a look at our peak pick for the finest different to Cartier Tank is the Seiko SWR049.

Or, store reading to find out the other affordable alternatives to Cartier Tank.

Let’s go!

What is a Cartier Tank watch?


However, the Tissot Heritage watch actually came before the Cartier Tank Cintrée. With Tissot releasing their original watch all the means back in 1916.

What we really favor is that the lengthy situation of the Tissot watch has a nice curve to it. This helps the watch sit snugly on your wrist.

As for the activity, the Tissot watch comes via a Swiss made quartz movement. Which isn’t as amazing as a mechanical, but it still renders for an exact and trustworthy watch.

Check out this Cartier Tank alternative from Tissot here.

Tissot is what we consider one of the ideal affordable watch brands from Switzerland also out now. You can’t go wrong via this brand also, especially when founding out in watch collecting.

6. Bulova Ref. 96A156

The Bulova Ref. 96A156 is a very affordable Cartier homage watch. If you have a budget then this watch is an excellent cheap alternative to the Tank.

It has actually a similar situation form to a Cartier Tank, many thanks to its rectangular silhouette.

While this Cartier Tank different has no Romale Numerals, or the timeless styling of the Tank. It still has actually a clean, and handsome looking dial.

The size of the watch is best for those with tiny wrists. With a instance size of 37mm. It’s an excellent dimension for a classic dress watch.

However before, this watch does come via luminous hands, which does make it simpler to read at night. But that absolutely isn’t in maintaining with the classical style of a Cartier Tank.

But as a whole this quartz Bulova watch is an ideal choice for an day-to-day or company style watch for more formal occasions.

Find Out even more around this super affordable Cartier Tank homage.

7. Bulova Ref. 98A117

Next is the lovely 2 tone Cartier Tank alternate from Citizen, referred to as the Citizen Model BH1678-56E.

This watch is incredibly affordable, and also provides for a good budobtain different Cartier Tank. 

However before, it doesn’t come with the classic look of a Tank, it has a more modern style to it. But the two tone stainless steel bracelet is very often discovered in a Cartier Tank collection or 2.

We also love exactly how this watch features a little day window in the 3 o’clock place. A great feature for the price.

The watch is very little, at simply 26mm situation size. So beware this watch could be a tiny as well small for modern tastes.

But in its entirety if you don’t mind the dimension, this watch is a great choice.

Learn this Citizen watch and also decide if it’s for you.

9. Timex Model ‎ TW2T60400JT

Then we have actually a watch from the affordable brand; Timex. It’s the Timex Model TW2T60400JT.

It’s often challenging to defeat Timex in regards to price. They really perform create so many kind of budget friendly options

This Cartier Tank different is one of them.

The watch is developed from stainmuch less steel, and comes via a jet babsence dial. The 12 o’clock position is marked through a diamond marker. Adding somepoint additional to the dial.

It has a minimalist architecture to it, which is extremely well-known this particular day.

This watch also comes in an extremely little situation dimension of simply 26mm. Which might not suit those through huge wrists.

Find out the latest price for this Cartier Tank alternative from Timex.


The Cartier Tank watch is a style of timeitem that is timemuch less. It is likely never before to go out of fashion. However, to very own a genuine one you need a huge budget.

So that’s once watches that look prefer a Cartier Tank come right into play.

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From the super alike Seiko SWR049, to the slightly even more glitzy Seiko SUP880, to the then charming and also quirky Tissot Heritage Banana Centenary.