Ladies and also gentlemen, whether you like it or not… Riverdale is doingHedwig*. Or even more specifically, the teen drama is tackling their own variation of the cult timeless musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch in following week’s new episode, courtesy a variety display gone horribly awry. Which means that best now is the perfect time to watchHedwig and also the Angry Inch, so you can fall in love through Stephen Trask and also John Cameron Mitchell’s creation, all over aacquire. Or for the initially time. Whichever before.

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(*This is a reference to the initially line ofHedwig. Just FYI.)

The display first premiered Off-Broadmeans in 1998, through music and lyrics by Trask, and a book by John Cameron Mitchell. Set in a grungy, rundown rock club, East Germale genderqueer perprevious Hedwig (Mitchell) is trailing a rock star named Tommy Gnosis, who she helped usher to stardom and also once had actually a connection with. Over the course of the present, Hedwig tells her totality story; from her humble beginnings, to a botched back-alley sex change operation (for this reason the “angry inch” of the title), to meeting Tommy, to now.

For the a lot of part, other than the backing band also,Hedwig is nearly a one perboy display. There’s Tommy’s voice, which echoes from the much bigger venue he’s percreating at next door; and also Yitzhak, a Jewish drag queen who is even more talented than Hedwig, and also utterly in love through her. But that’s pretty much it, making the display an remarkable showsituation for Mitchell and various other actors that have actually tackled the function. Notably, Neil Patrick Harris starred as Hedwig once the display moved to Broadway in 2014, a duty which won him a Tony Award.


But largely,Hedwig is Mitchell, andHedwig is Mitchell, even though the present has been reinstalled in productions approximately the people. Unfortunately, the stage production isn’t streaming anywhere; but lucky for you, the movie version is. In 2001, Mitchell composed and also directed a film version ofHedwig which opened up the actors substantially, and also the staging of the display. It was an essential success — it currently holds a 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, through 113 reviews, and garnered multiple awards and also nomicountries, consisting of a Golden Globe nom for Best Actor for Mitchell. However, it was additionally a box office bomb, snagging just over $3 million on a $6 million budget, according to BoxOfficeMojo.

But that cares! Box office is meaningmuch less once you have actually a great movie that you deserve to stream appropriate now, essentially for free. And you deserve to streamHedwig and the Angry Inch for free… As lengthy as you have actually an HBO subscription.

Yep, that’s ideal, tright here are a few different ways of streamingHedwig “totally free,” but they’re all variations on “paying for HBO” which is not technically “complimentary.” You deserve to watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch straight on HBO Go, or HBO Now. Got HBO through Prime Video? Good news, you have the right to stream it tbelow, too. How about HBO with Hulu? That’ll occupational, too; though unfortunately Hedwig is not among the movies had in the current HBO Unlocked on Hulu promotion.What around HBO via your Potbelly Sandwich Shop account? That’s not a thing, however sure, I guess if you can number out how to gain HBO that means, you can watch Hedwig and the Angry Inch on a warm, toasty sandwich.

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Don’t have HBO? No issues, tbelow are options. You can currently rentHedwig on Prime Video for $2.49, and also Google Play or iTunes for $3.99. Not only is that cheaper than a back alley sex operation; it’s safer, too!

You’ve got a tiny time untilRiverdale airs the following brand-new episode, “Chapter Seventy-Four: Wicked Little Town.” It’ll premiere on The CW on Wednesday, April 15 at 8/7c, and the next day on The CW webwebsite and also app. In the hour, Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) desires to percreate music from Hedwig for Riverdale High’s range show; however as soon as he’s shut dvery own, it leads to a school-wide rebellion. Cott, by the method, looks fabulous as Hedwig, even if he’s chewing on some of the show’s candy drugs (called jingle jangle) in the essential art released yesterday (April 9) rather of the cigarette in Hedwig‘s movie poster (which the below is based on):

Photo: The CW/Katie Yu

But prior to that does air, do yourself a favor and also watch the incredibly excellent movie version of Hedwig and also the Angry Inch. It’s an hour and thirty-5 minutes of viciously beautiful music, uplifting tragedy, and heart-breaking hope. Or at the exceptionally least, it’ll teach you a surprising new recipe for salad.