The second seachild finale and yearly Christmas one-of-a-kind in this dramatic British series around the aristocrats and also servants that dwell at the Downton Abbey estate in post-Edwardian Yorkshire. In this episode, Christmas 1919 is somewhat subdued by Mr. Bates" uncertain fate, and also Richard disapproves of the family"s casual traditions; downstairs, Mrs. Hughes is doubtful as soon as the servants unearth a Ouija board and begin attempting to contact the dead. Robert shoots down the concept of promoting Thomas should the worst pertained to pass for Bates, and Daisy begins to retake into consideration her duty as soon as Miss Shore, Lady Rosamund"s massist, argues that she deserves better. Edith reunites with Sir Anthony Strallan, whose battle injury stays clear of him from joining in the yearly shooting party, and also she closely words her answers to his inquiries around Sybil"s quiet marital relationship. Anna visits Mr. Bates, that gently cautions her to prepare for his potential conviction and execution; Robert is less than thrilled to learn that the freshly married Sybil is pregnant via a "Fenian" boy.As New Year"s Eve approaches, Miss O"Brien advises Thomregarding reconstruct Robert"s trust in him via a advantageous deed, and Violet worries that Edith may become Strallan"s "nursemaid" after all. Matthew returns from London, wright here his would-be father-in-law Mr. Swire has actually just died, and the family members rings in 1920 together. Miss Shore reports that Lord Hepworth, who has joined the Crawley celebrations as Rosamund"s guest, has urged her to promote him to her mianxiety. Throughout the shoot, Mary confides to Matthew that she"s prospering tired of the humorless Richard. Daisy again frets about her "dishonest" wartime marriage once Mr. Machild pays her a visit; Sir Anthony seems to agree with Violet when he gently tells Edith that he"s as well old for her, though Edith refoffers to accept it. Ricdifficult grows progressively jealous of Matthew"s continuous bond via Mary and also tries to convince her to collection a wedding date, while elsewhere Violet frankly confronts Lord Hepworth around his obvious interemainder in Rosamund"s fortune.The servants proceed exploring via the Ouija board, and also when Robert notices Mary"s clear distaste for her fiancé, Cora finally tells him the truth about Mr. Pamuk"s scandalous fatality and Mary"s unpleasant barobtain to keep the story out of the files. Miss O"Brien, Mrs. Hughes and also Robert are all forced to testify at Mr. Bates" trial in York, and also though they execute their ideal to safeguard his honor, they admit to witnessing his rage and also darkly suggestive comments regarding Vera. Anna is horrified when he is found guilty and sentenced to hang, however Mary, Matthew and also his defense barrister assure her that they will take steps to have his sentence commuted to life in prison and hopefully overturned completely. Back at Downton, Rosamund acknowledges that Lord Hepworth is a "fortune-hunter," however a promising one, and also Mrs. Patmore grows annoyed with Daisy"s ill-timed complaints about her lowly kitchen condition. Mary is deeply touched as soon as her father reveals his understanding of her illicit affair and, quite than shaming her, urges her to break off her lovemuch less engagement and also abscond to America until the social scandal blows over. He says that she deserves much better than someone that would blackmail her into marriage.After Mr. Swire"s funeral, Isobel bluntly indevelops her son that Mary plainly still loves him and dismisses his case that they "deserve to be unhappy" bereason of their crimes against Lavinia. Violet becomes Daisy"s unmeant confidante as she assures her that marrying William to ease his final hours was a kindness, and also she cautions Robert about Rosamund"s unwise interest in Lord Hepworth. A desperate Thomas decides to hide and then "find" Isis to win Robert over; Anna and also Bates say a despeprice farewell to each other, aware that he may shortly meet his death. Mrs. Patmore resorts to otherworldly procedures to convince Daisy to "go to the farm," wright here she happily accepts Mr. Mason"s offer to "adopt" her as his honorary daughter. During a late-night search for Isis, Mary ultimately tells Matthew the reason behind her engagement, and though shocked, he agrees that she shouldn"t marry him to safeguard the family"s reputation. Mr. Carchild is relieved when Anna decides to reauthorize her short article to protect against bringing even more scandal to Downton after Mr. Bates" conviction inevitably makes the news. She chooses to acagency Mary to America to wait it out.Thomas is alarmed to discover that Isis has vaniburned from the shed where he stamelted her, however she soon returns unharmed to Downton, and also he manages to score points via Robert for his noticeable investment in her safety. Mr. Machild advises Daisy to disregard Miss Shore and ssuggest make her case to Mrs. Pateven more. Isobel urges Matthew to fight for Mary – which he does, fairly literally, once Richard takes Mary"s formal rejection badly and also accprovides them both of breaking Lavinia"s heart, spitetotally including that he will now expose Mary"s scandal and also Mr. Bates" conviction to the civilization. He departs Downton, and also everyone is deeply relieved once Mr. Bates" sentence is changed to life in priboy, owing to the lack of convincing proof of premeditation. The annual servants" ball carries on as planned, and Mrs. Pateven more considers Daisy"s official repursuit to be advocated to assistant cook. Rosamund is embarrassed, yet relieved to be rid of Lord Hepworth, as soon as she catches him in a compromising position via Miss Shore; and Anna resolves to remain at Downton after all.Cora firmly tells Robert to make his peace through Sybil and also Tom"s marital relationship, as she plans to have actually a close bond via her initially grandboy, and Anna and also Daisy are bewildered when the Ouija board supplies up a strange message: "may they be happy." At the precise very same time, Matthew finds Mary on the grounds and also, assuring her that they are prepared to leave Lavinia, Mr. Pamuk and Rictough in the previous, formally proposes to her. As snow drops on them, she ecstatically accepts.


NETWORK: DATE: 9:00 PM RUNNING TIME: 1:32:51 COLOR/B&W: Color CATALOG ID: 137402 GENRE: Drama, historic SUBJECT HEADING: Christmas; Drama, historical; Great Britain - Upper classes; Romance SERIES RUN: PBS - TV series, 2011-2016 COMMERCIALS:


Julian Fellowes … Executive Producer, Created by, Writer Rebecca Eaton … Executive Producer Gareth Neame … Executive Producer Liz Trubridge … Producer Charles Hubbard … Line Producer Brian Percival … Director Laura Linney … Host John Lunn … Music by Man Made Music … Theme Music by Hugh Bonneville … Cast, Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham Laura Carmichael … Cast, Lady Edith Crawley Jim Carter … Cast, Mr. Charles Carboy Brendan Coyle … Cast, John Bates Michelle Dockery … Cast, Lady Mary Crawley Siobhan Finneran … Cast, Sarah O"Brien Joanne Froggatt … Cast, Anna Bates Rob James-Collier … Cast, Thomas Barrow Phyllis Logan … Cast, Mrs. Elsie Hughes Elizabeth McGovern … Cast, Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham Sophie McShera … Cast, Daisy Makid Lesley Nicol … Cast, Mrs.

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Bethel Patmore Maggie Smith … Cast, Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham Dan Stevens … Cast, Matthew Crawley Penelope Wilton … Cast, Isobel Crawley Robert Bathurst … Cast, Sir Anthony Strallan Samantha Bond … Cast, Lady Rosamund Painswick Paul Copley … Cast, Mr. Albert Maboy Jonathan Coy … Cast, George Murray Iain Glen … Cast, Sir Rictough Carlisle Nigel Havers … Cast, Lord Hepworth Sharon Small … Cast, Marigold Shore Simon Poland … Cast, Defense Barrister Tony Pritchard … Cast, Prikid Officer Nick Sampkid … Cast, Prosecution Barrister Dominic Kemp … Cast, Jury Foremale Timothy Carlton … Cast, Judge Continue looking the Collection ➾