US President Donald Trump's daughter and adviser Ivanka has actually protected her use of an individual email account, saying it was nopoint like Hillary Clinton's.

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The initially daughter came under fire this month as soon as it emerged that she had offered a exclusive email to message officials on White Housage organization last year.

Mr Trump had actually lambasted his presidential opponent Mrs Clinton for her usage of a private email server for official occupational.

During his 2016 project, Mr Trump said the former secretary of state should be jailed after it emerged the FBI had actually discovered classified information in some emails from her personal server.

Chants of "lock her up" were a mainstay at Mr Trump's rallies - however his daughter told ABC that her case was various.

"Everypoint has been kept, whatever has actually been archived," shelp Ms Trump, 37, that holds the main title of adviser to the president.

"My emails have actually not been deleted, nor was tbelow anypoint of substance, nothing confidential, within them. There's no connection between the 2 things."

DebRobertsABC on her use of individual email vs. Hillary Clinton's: "There simply is no equivalency in between the two things."

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"People who desire to view it as the exact same watch it as the exact same," Ms Trump included. "But the reality is that we all have exclusive emails and personal emails to co-ordinate via our household."

The senior White House adviser likewise provided that tbelow is "no prohibition from utilizing personal email as lengthy as it's archived" and also contains no classified indevelopment.

It is not illegal for White Housage officials to use a personal email, but they should forward any type of main messages to a government account within 20 days for preservation, and tright here are rules versus sharing classified information on personal accounts.

Ms Trump said the emails sent out to her exclusive account were greatly regarding scheduling and logistics to balance her home and work-related life.

Last week, officials confirmed that Ms Trump had actually provided a exclusive email account to send numerous messeras discussing official White House company.

The White House responded by saying Ms Trump had done so prior to being briefed on the rules and also had not sent out any classified indevelopment.

In Mrs Clinton's case, she had erected a personal email server at her home in New York that she supplied for all job-related and also personal emails in the time of her four years as secretary of state.

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An FBI investigation ultimately concluded that Mrs Clinton should not challenge charges, but said she and her aides had actually been "very careless" in their handling of classified information.