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The Walking Dead has done some dirt-stupid points over the years.

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Tbelow was that two-parter from the Governor"s allude of view in seachild 4, and also the means the display seemed to think viewers just loved Merle, Daryl"s racist older brother, in seaboy 3. Seaboy five"s murder hospital was pretty dumb, and also, of course, Herschel"s farm was a disaster that practically tanked the whole second seaboy of the display.

But you know what? The display has actually never before produced an installment as poor as its season 6 finale, "Last Day on Planet." The extra-lengthy episode invested its first hour dramatizing all the excitement of your GPS insisting that you take a road you already recognize is closed, and the last half-hour sank some nicely spooky moments through a too-long monologue and also a totally botched cliffhanger.

And I haven"t even touched on the episode"s B-story, an ultra-bizarre journey right into the wild via Morgan and Carol for the single purpose of reresolving a storyline that never before made feeling to start through.

Here"s the good, the weird, and also the (mostly) bad of "Last Day on Planet."

Good: Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ is solid as Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is nicely chilling as Negan. AMC Let"s begin on a positive note: The preternormally charming Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ turns up for the initially time as the monstrous Negan in this episode, and he"s fairly excellent.

He can not get over the reality that the monologue the writers hand also him just keeps going and also going and also going and also going, however he finds the nasty humor in the speech. And he cuts a truly menacing figure as he strides roughly via a basesphere bat wrapped in barbed wire and also named Lucille.

The Walking Dead"s whole 6th seaboy has been building to the Negan reveal (more on that in a moment), and the actor isn"t fairly good enough to live as much as that. But if the remainder of this episode had actually been better — and if it weren"t for that cliffhanger — I could be tempted to have muted hope for seaboy seven, totally bereason of Jeffrey Dean Mbody organ.

Heck, I nearly didn"t mind that one of his lines in "Last Day on Earth" associated the word "pee pee pants."

But Negan wasn"t the cherry on optimal of a sundae. He was a tiny bit bappropriate spot in an otherwise muck-brvery own mess. Here"s wbelow every little thing else went wrong.

Bad: The endless. Repetition. Of the same. Story allude.

The RV pulls ameans from yet an additional team of Saviors. AMC Rick and agency, driving in an RV to take Maggie to Hilltop for clinical attention, keep encountering roadblocks the Saviors have put up for them. They sometimes attempt to talk through the Saviors, however those attempts are rebuffed. They throw the automobile into reverse and attempt to uncover another means to Hilltop, just to meet even more Saviors. (This episode consists of a lot of shots of the RV going in reverse. You can nearly make it a drinking game.)

This happens aget. And aacquire. And again. And again. The Saviors are determined; occasionally they stop Rick"s group with zombies, various other times through logs. But the overall result is the same: Rick and also the gang are slowly being herded to some point of the Saviors" choosing. And I carry out expect "gradually." There"s nopoint to differentiate their encounters, beyond the slow-structure dimension of the variety of Saviors stopping the RV. It"s literally just the very same thing, over and also over.

I think this is intended to develop tension, to make viewers feel like that frog trapped in the pot of water that"s progressively reaching its boiling allude. But it"s just bland, pointmuch less, and boring — favor too much of what"s going on with the Saviors.

Bad: The show"s dealing with of the Saviors has actually been hilariously incompetent

Negan is about to arrive. AMC Forobtain for a 2nd that the Saviors" levels of competence, knowledge, and also foreassumed seem to vary wildly from episode to episode. You deserve to compose off some of that as individual Saviors being smarter than others, if you really desire to. (And The Walking Dead itself has tried to perform so right here and also tbelow, as when Paula said that the band also of Saviors Daryl blew up through a rocket launcher was running a rogue procedure.)

Also foracquire what you might or might not understand around the Saviors from the comics — or from what world who"ve review the comics have told you. In the comics, they are indeed a terrifying visibility that haunts the shadows.

But on this present, the Saviors have actually eexceptionally appropriate to be as angry as they execute — and also the show seems to greatly not care. Remember: Before the Saviors had actually ever even heard of Alexandria, Rick and also a bunch of his human being eliminated numerous Saviors in their sleep. And they based that decision on dark rumors and one man"s erratic habits. (Because then, the Saviors have actually eliminated Denise, and also ... that"s around it, so far as the Alexandrians understand.)

We"re expected to think the Saviors are poor because they oppose Rick. But Rick"s handling of the instance has been a world-class example of making poor decision after negative decision. He"s underestimated the Saviors at eextremely rotate, provoked them for no great factor, and ended up in way over his head. And yet The Walking Dead continues to treat him as (mostly) a hero. Why? Because he"s showed some remorse right here and there?

I constantly ask myself one straightforward question as soon as assessing a villain: If you flip the story to the villain"s allude of check out, carry out the villain"s actions make more sense than the hero"s actions? In this instance, I are afraid the Saviors" actions make far also much sense, while the Alexandrians" actions make almost none.

Bad: What was that Morgan and also Carol plot, anyway?

At least Mbody organ gained to ride a horse. AMC On the surface, it"s an excusage to display us Mbody organ killing a guy to protect someone — in this situation Carol, who was about to die at the hands of her stalker Savior. It"s a resolution to an arc that The Walking Dead thought was more exciting than it was, but hey, at least it"s a resolution.

Of course, the building and construction of it is downappropriate weird. Mbody organ catches up with Carol, so they deserve to talk a little little and reassert their thoughtful positions. Then she escapes aacquire. Then Mbody organ kills her pursuer. Then they meet a couple of dudes clad in what looks favor a combination of body armor and footsphere pads. (I think I recognize that these personalities are based upon the comics, however in the present, this certain cliffhanger is bacount also there.)

The story is simply there to offer "Last Day on Earth" somepoint to reduced to in in between all those shots of an RV backing up. It feels, for all the people, like padding, also though it features my two favorite personalities. Sigh.

Bad: The low levels of misogyny throughout

Carol progressively bleeds out on the street. AMC The Walking Dead has featured misogynistic characters before. There have been moments as soon as women are mere objects for the plot to press about. And tright here have actually been more than enough moments once womales are only existing to be protected and/or killed.

But the show has actually constantly had actually a type of respect for what the woguys in its world are capable of. Carol, Michonne, Maggie — they are all among the show"s ideal characters, all set at a moment"s notification to drop every little thing to help their friends and save the day.

That"s not the situation in "Last Day on Planet."

Enid is locked in a closet. Carol is stalked and almost killed by a male who calls her "bitch." Michonne has some of her dreadlocks cut off and pinned to a zombie. Pregnant Maggie is lassist low, and the Saviors show up to have actually no women in their ranks, also though we just met a bunch of Savior women led by Paula a few weeks ago.

None of these circumstances in and of itself is unforgivable. Undoubtedly, you can make feeling of a lot of of them in conmessage. But the combination of them feels choose an build-up of awful, till it"s all as well a lot.

Weird: All of the reremedies to plots that never before took off to start with

Abraham has a heartwarming moment with Eugene, a resolution to a plot that badepend started to start through. AMC Abraham and Eugene have actually a heartwarming minute. Carl insists on protecting Enid (bereason he thinks that"s what a genuine guy would do). Gabriel makes certain Alexandria is protected from any type of Savior incursions. And so on and also so forth.

All of these short moments are meant to settle plots from previously in the seachild. But these plots were so restricted that they amount to less than even, say, Carol"s connection with Tobin. It"s difficult to get functioned up about any type of of them because, hey, the show didn"t seem to treatment all that a lot either.

The weirdest point in this regard? Carl is really intent on avenging the death of Denise (the one thing the Saviors have actually actually done to anger our heroes). You deserve to maybe make feeling of this, however it still feels prefer an inspiration from out of nowhere, meant to offer Carl something to carry out that will certainly finish with him kneeling before Negan.

The truly awful and also inexplicable: the cliffhanger

Look at that cheesy red blood. AMC We watch from the suggest of view of Negan"s targain as he swings Lucille at their head and connects. The display screen almost goes babsence as red blood trickles dvery own it. (And for the record, it"s really cheesy-looking red blood.) Then it does go babsence with an additional blow from the bat. End of seaboy.

It"s a hilariously negative cliffhanger for a bunch of factors — not leastern of which is that it gives us absolutely no indication of what"s happening and delays what need to be the resolution of an emotionally powerful moment for numerous months; by the time season seven begins in the fall, that moment will have little to no power left. If this is how we"re intended to realize that Negan is just the worst, it"s only providing us fifty percent the answer.

But what"s even worse is that the answer to the cliffhanger will certainly practically absolutely be spoiled by on-set photos — which will certainly automatically disclose which actor is no longer via the rest of the actors.

It"s not going to be incredibly tough to unravel this mystery, and also as a lot as The Walking Dead seems to have actually wanted to replicate the Video Game of Thrones Jon Snow mystery, it should have learned a point or 2 from the way Video Game of Thrones was eventually compelled to put the character on its seakid 6 poster. It"s difficult to store that type of secret in this particular day and age.

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But not all zombie hope is shed. At leastern the initially 2 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead"s second seaboy are more powerful stuff. If that display proceeds its basic upward trend, I could be done via this one. Tbelow are just so many zombie reflects one have the right to watch.