This article describes just how to troubleshoot difficulties you might enrespond to while utilizing Facebook in Firefox.

Note: If you share your computer system via other people and do not desire them to log in to your Facebook account, check out How carry out I share Firefox in between world on a computer?
Note: If you desire to prevent Facebook from tracking your looking activity on other sites, examine out Facebook Container: Prevent Facebook from tracking your visits to other websites.

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Cannot attach to Facebook

If you cannot connect to the Facebook webwebsite at all in Firefox:

Check to watch if you deserve to connect in one more web browser such as Net Explorer or Microsoft EdgeSafariEpiphany. If you deserve to affix in one more internet browser, yet not in Firefox: If you cannot connect in any web browser, the Facebook website may be dvery own.Other Facebook problems

You can visit the Facebook Help Center or the Facebook Help Community to view if your worry is a recognized Facebook webwebsite difficulty. If you can"t uncover a solution, follow the troubleshooting steps below.

Clear cookies and also cache

Clearing your stored cookies and also the Firefox cache have the right to solve numerous widespread difficulties with Facebook, such as Farmville worries.

Click on the menu button to open the menu panel.Click the Library button on your toolbar. (If you do not watch it, click the food selection button, then click Libraryclick the menu button.) Click History and choose Clear Recent History…. In the Time Range to clear: drop-down, choose Everything. Below the drop-down food selection, pick both Cookies and also Cache. Make certain various other items you desire to keep are not schosen. Click OK.

Check cookie settings

If you get an error message that mentions cookies after clearing your cookies and cache:

In the Menu bar at the optimal of the screen, click Firefox and also choose Preferences.Click the menu button and choose OptionsPrecommendations.Click the menu button and also select Setups.

Select the Privacy & Security panel and go to the Cookies and also Site Data section. Click Manage Exceptions…. Make certain is not noted. If it is detailed, click its entry, then click Remove Website.

In the Menu bar at the peak of the display screen, click Firefox and also pick Preferences.Click the food selection button and choose OptionsPreferrals.Click the menu switch and also pick Setups.

Select the Privacy & Security panel and also go to the Cookies and also Site Data section.Make certain Accept cookies and site data is selected. Click Exceptions…. Make sure is not listed. If it is detailed, click its entry, then click Remove Website.

Check if JavaScript is being blocked

You have to check whether you have an extension (such as NoScript) or Internet defense regimen (such as a firewall, antivirus, or anti-spyware program) that have the right to block JavaScript.

Check extensions and also themes

Check for malware

Certain types of malicious software have the right to cause problems via connecting to Facebook. See Troubleshoot Firefox problems led to by malware for instructions on troubleshooting malware problems via Firefox.

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Changes to Facebook

Facebook is well-known to make alters to their mechanism routinely. Check Facebook Developer Blog for alters that have actually newly been made.

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