Why I Choose to Believe the Bible – Answer Sheet Voddie T. Baucham, Jr. The most essential question any kind of Christian need to be able to answer is: a) Who is God? b) Is Jesus the Divine Son of God? c) Why perform you select to think the Bible? d) How can I get to heaven? Two weak, conventional fall-back answers: o Standard fall-ago answer #1: “I was increased to believe that.” o Standard fall-back answer #2: “I tried the Scriptures and it worked for me. It changed my life.”  Malcolm X tried "The Nation of Islam" - it functioned for him; it readjusted his life. o In the words of Regis Philbin, "Is that your final answer?” Why I choose to believe the Bible (2 Peter 1:16-21) o The Holy bible is a reputable arsenal of historic papers composed by eyewitnesses in the time of the lifetime of various other eyewitnesses. They report superorganic events that took place in fulfillment of certain prophecies and they case that their writings are Divine, rather than humale, in beginning. o Circular reasoning debate - not a good one. Voddie: I"m not around to safeguard the Bible. My defense is of why I pick to think the Bible. o Charles Haddon Spurgeon said, "It makes no even more feeling to protect the Bible than it does to defend a lion." "The Bible is a dependable arsenal of historical documents..." o A unit. However before, the Holy bible is comprised of 66 publications, written by over 40 authors, composed on 3 different continents in three langueras over a expectations of 1500 years. o A historic record. Filled through names, locations, days. o Over 23,000 historical digs in the name of historic accuracy. All evidenced the Scriptures to be true. Luke 1:1-4 "...created by eyewitnesses ..." Eyewitnesses a) Are not trusted. b) Are simply in it for the money. c) Forget things over time. d) Change everything! "...during the life time of various other eyewitnesses." o I Corinthians 15. By the time I Corinthians was composed, there were at least 300 eyewitnesses to the resurrection still alive! o Da Vinci Code problem. Two principal disagreements concerned the Holy bible being composed by eyewitnesses in the time of the lifetime of other eyewitnesses. "The Holy bible we have actually is not the same as the original, because of the miraculous events and also deifications." o Argument #1: Multiple - translation debate. A favorite of professors of colleges & colleges.  Professors liken this to the idea of the children"s game, "Telephone."  Does it matter just how many kind of times a Holy bible has actually been translated? No, just if translations were translations of translations.  How execute we make a Bible translation? We go back to the original Greek, Hebrew, and also Aramaic manuscripts. o Argument #2: Overzealous - monk debate. "The Council of Nicea doctored up manuscripts to make Jesus look prefer the Divine Son of God."  Council of Nicea simply recognized what was already Bible.  3-fold hole in their argument 6,000 manuscripts or sections of manuscripts of the New Testimony alone, earliest copy 2 ½ years after original. o Julius Caesar"s Gaelic Wars - less than a dozen copies; earliest copy 1,000 years after original. o Aristotle"s Poetics - less than 10 copies; earliest copy 1,400 years after original. o Writings of Socprices - No copies. Plato told us what we recognize around Socrates. No originals. o Homer"s Iliad. 600+ copies. 2,100 years after original.  (Pentata ethne) Different people groups speak different languperiods. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. First translations are Syriac, Coptic and Latin. o first layer: Overzealous monks must find 6,000 Hebrew, Greek and also Aramaic manuscripts. Change them, do not display your ink-work-related, don"t gain caught, and also put them back wright here you stole them from. o 2nd layer: Discover exactly how to lie in Syriac, Coptic and also Latin as well as you execute in Greek. Change them to complement the lies you told in Greek, don"t display your inkoccupational, don"t acquire captured, and also put them back wbelow you stole them from.  The writings of the early church fathers o 95-98% of the NT can be re-created from the writings of the at an early stage church fathers (Bruce Metzger) o New study says all yet 11 verses can be re-created from the works of the early on church fathers. o Find every one of the writings of the early church fathers. Change them to complement the lies you told in Syriac, Coptic, Latin and Greek, do not display your ink-work, don"t get caught, and also put them earlier where you stole them from. "They report superorganic occasions..." o Audible voice of God Almighty - miraculous! Aside: We have actually become much also familiar through the phrase, "God told me." o The male with the withered hand also. o Jesus walking on water. o Crucified, dead, hidden. Third day, He increased again. "...that took place in fulfillment of certain prophecy." Psalm 22 - why does Jesus describe a title of a song when He was being crucified? a) “Feelings, nopoint even more than feelings.” b) Name it, claim it. c) It"s exactly what"s happening to Him as soon as He"s being crucified! d) And some of the bystanders hearing it shelp, "Beorganize, he is calling Elijah." o Written 1,000 years prior to Jesus was born by a guy who never before once saw a crucifixion. "They case that the Scriptures is Divine, fairly than human, in origin." o "I"m a perkid of science. I cannot believe by blind belief. Unless you have the right to prove the Bible scientifically, I can"t believe it."  An ignorant statement. The fact that we have actually a Holy bible mitigateways versus blind confidence. o You cannot usage the clinical method (is it observable, measurable, repeatable?) to prove historic events (e.g., you cannot prove scientifically that George Washington was our first president.).  We usage the evidentiary approach, favor what you would certainly use in court. You want witnesses that are dependable, whose stories are corroborated.

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 What does that look like? 66 books, 40 authors, 3 continents, three langueras, 1500 years. Internal consistency, outside corroboration through the likes of Philo and Josephus, as well as the at an early stage church fathers.