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Yes, this Vicks Vaporizer contains a medicine cup and Scent Pad heater. You have actually the option of Vicks VapoSteam straight to the Vaporizer tank or to the medication cup. Please describe VapoSteam package for directions before using. Vicks VapoSteam can be added to the medication cup or straight in the water container.Adding crucial oils or any kind of other non-recommfinished materials in the water tank can damages the unit. Oil have the right to erode or eat amethod at the plastic, maybe leading to the unit to malfeature.

Question: Why is my vaporizer over steaming and spitting water?


These systems require water via minerals in it in order to feature. If tbelow are too many type of minerals in your water the unit deserve to create excess steam, over-heavy steam, and also run ungenerally hot. This have the right to be caused by a buildup of minerals in the unit over time, or by having actually also many minerals in the water you’re using. If you live in a “hard water” location, it indicates that the mineral content in your water is high and might be the reason behind your vaporizer over-steaming.

We recommfinish that you unplug your unit, let it cool, and empty all the water. Clean the unit complying with the normal cleaning instructions from the Owner’s Manual watch the ‘How to Clean’ video, then add water and plug it earlier in. Do not add any type of salt. Wait ten minutes, and if the unit is still over-steaming then tbelow are too many kind of minerals in your water. Using a mixture of distilled or filtered water will resolve this issue.

Question: Why are tright here black pposts in my vaporizer?

Answer: The black particles that you watch in your vaporizer are normal and also perform not affect the purity of the steam. These particles are the left-over minerals from your water. The factor the minerals revolve babsence is bereason they have passed between the electrodesand have been burned. If the unit is preserved on a day-to-day and also weekly basis, you should not suffer any type of troubles withitsperformance.

Question: How carry out I clean this unit?


Unplug unit prior to performing any kind of maintenance. Empty any kind of unused water from the water container. Rinse container thoroughly with water, drainpipe and wipe with a dry, clean towel.

Daily Maintenance

Unplug unit prior to performing any maintenance. Empty any unoffered water from the water container. Rinse container thoapproximately through water, drain and also wipe with a dry, clean fabric.

Weekly Maintenance

1. Unplug unit before perdeveloping any maintenance. Empty any kind of unused water from the water container. Rinse container thoapproximately through water, drainpipe and wipe through a dry, clean fabric.

2. With the Vaporizer safely unplugged, rerelocate the steam unit and the soak heavy steam unit in 4 inches of white vinegar for 10 minutes. Then, over a sink, with fingers covering the bottom hole of the steam unit, include tap water right into steam outlet. Cover Steam outlet through various other hand also, shake steam unit back and also forth, carry out not shake up and also down, then empty the water through heavy steam outlet. Repeat several times until black pwrite-ups are no much longer emitted, and also vinegar odor is gone. If using Vicks VapoSteam, make certain any residue is cleaned off steam unit utilizing a mild detergent.

3. Rinse area under the heavy steam guard to remove any dust or dirt pshort articles. With a long toothpick, you deserve to gently poke via the steam outlet and also drain hole ifthey’vecome to be obstructed.

4. Disinfecting the Reservoir: Fill reservoir with water and also include 1 teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water. Swish to wet all inner surencounters. Let stand also for 20 minutes. Then empty reservoir and rinse through tap water until the bleach smell is gone. Dry via a clean cloth.

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If your vaporizer formerly produced heavy steam, however now you are suffering much less output, we recommfinish cleaning the unit. It is advised to perform this cleaning as soon as a week. If your vaporizer has been thoroughly cleaned and is still not developing heavy steam, your water might have low mineral content. These units call for water via minerals in itin order tofeature correctly.If you have filtered water or are utilizing distilled water, this have the right to proccasion the unit from steaming.If you are utilizing distilled water, please switch to tap water and also attempt aget.If you are making use of tap water and also this does not job-related, we recommfinish including salt.Unplug the vaporizer from the electrical outlet and also permit to cool.Rerelocate the blue steam unit enabling the water to drain out.Add one or two pinches (1/8 tsp) of salt to the water and also mix thoabout.Relocation the heavy steam unit and also plug in the vaporizer.It should heavy steam within 5 minutes. If it does not or is only generating a small vapor, add a pinch or 2 even more as necessary, approximately ½ tsp.Note: Add salt only by the pinch, considering that also a lot salt can cause extreme boiling or blow a fusage.