This is a story related success that can't be missed. Tright here are fourteenager optional objectives that you will certainly want to complete as you are playing the sequence. If you miss out on them, you deserve to reload a checkallude if you are still within the mission, or replay the entire mission at any kind of time from the menus.The optional missions for each memory are detailed below:Memory 1 - This Tyro Captain

Shoot an iguana: Iguanas are the little lizards that are all over the island wbelow this memory takes area. You will must equip your pistol by pressing , hold down to aim, and also pull to fire. If you are having trouble spotting them, activate eagle vision by clicking and they will be colored red and with a red dot over their head.

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Air assassinate an ocelot: Ocelots are little predatory cats and also they can be viewed patrolling reasonably consistent routes. Climb a tree near one of their patrol courses and wait for one to come close. Ensure you have your hidden knives equipped by pressing
, and then press to assassinate when the ocelot gets a white outline indicating it is an energetic target in selection. If you are having actually trouble spotting them, activate eagle vision by clicking and also they will be colored red through a red dot over their head.

Memory 2 - Now Hiring

Disarm and kill guards: You will certainly should kill three guards with their very own tools. Start by picking your bare fists by pushing and also then wait for them to attack you. Press to respond to and also then press
to disarm them. Immediately cshed with them and press repeatedly to assault till the guard is dead. At this suggest you will certainly start over by dropping the weapon by pressing again. This deserve to acquire slightly rather harder with the second and also third guards if you are not fast enough because they might pick up one of the dropped weapons. If this happens, that becomes their weapon and you should drop yours and disarm them aget.Shoot the rope to conserve the pirate: You have a minimal time frame to perform this in prior to the piprice gets hung. If you miss out on the home window, restart the checkallude and you will be at the bottom of the hill. Equip your pistol by pushing , aim through and also fire at the rope over the pirate's head by pressing .

Memory 3 - Prizes and also Plunder

Use a swivel to kill sailors: You will have to kill three sailors with one of the swivel guns mounted on the side of your ship. When you have actually crippled a ship, strategy the side and also organize down to board them. Instead of jumping throughout, strategy the swivel gun and also shoot it at the enemy sailors. The 3 kills carry out not all have to be through the exact same gun or even in the exact same boarding activity. Each gun has five shots, however they have actually limited firing arcs and shoot in a ballistic course so aiming deserve to take a little little bit of exercise.Plunder 20 rum: To plunder a ship you will should cripple it and also then either board it successfully to plunder every one of its cargo or sink it to plunder fifty percent of it. To identify in development what cargo a ship is carrying, push while at the wheel of the Jackdaw to activate your spyglass. Focusing on a ship will certainly pop up a screen on the appropriate indicating the name and also form of ship together with the cargo. To plunder 20 rum, discover a ship carrying that much or more and properly board or sink it. You have the right to achieve the 20 rum throughout multiple ships if you wish.

Memory 4 - Raise the Babsence Flag

Plunder a hunter ship: Hunter ships will appear and also aggressively strike you when your notoriety is suggested as at least one complete crossed sword symbol above your ship's health and wellness bar in the top left. They have red sails and will be shown via a red icon on your display once they have actually spawned. To boost your notoriety, board or sink multiple ships.Plunder 30 sugar: To plunder a ship you will must cripple it and also then either board it properly to plunder all of its cargo or sink it to plunder fifty percent of it. To recognize in advancement what cargo a ship is moving, push while at the wheel of the Jackdaw to activate your spyglass. Focmaking use of on a ship will certainly pop up a display screen on the appropriate indicating the name and also type of ship in addition to the cargo. To plunder 30 sugar, discover a ship delivering that much or even more and efficiently board or sink it. You have the right to obtain the 30 sugar across multiple ships if you wish.

Memory 5 - Sugarcane And Its Yields

Sabotage alarm bells: Alarm bells are shown on your map with a bell symbol. To sabotage them, you will certainly must strategy them and also press . Note that you need to be anonymous to do this. You will should sabotage two alarm bells to fulfill this optional objective. You deserve to uncover one directly as you departure your ship and also an additional while eavesdropping.Stay out of combat: This describes while on your ship, navigating between patrols. The opponents have a restricted alert zone that is shown on your mini-map in yellow. You are not timed on this component of the mission, so focus on remaining out of any type of yellow zone. If you inadvertently finish up in one, automatically go to complete rate and gain out of it as it does take a number of seconds for the opponent ships to detect you.

Memory 6 - Ideal Defenses

Use one broadside to sink 2 boats: The finest means to perform this is to have 2 schooners extremely cshed to you so that you can use heavy shot on them. This has actually the advantage that it additionally will certainly fulfill the various other optional objective. You have the right to sluggish them down through chain swarm initially from your forward dealing with cannon, which have the right to be useful because all of these ships are much faster than the Jackdaw at this suggest. Upgrading your broadside before starting this mission is likewise a great principle as you will throw even more weight once firing.Use heavy swarm to sink ships: You have to have actually purchased the heavy swarm upgrade before beginning the mission for this optional objective to be possible. To fire regular shot you hold dvery own to gain your trajectory gorganize picture, and then push to actually fire. Heavy swarm is fired by skipping the action and simply pulling . It is much shorter range and fires directly out from the side of the ship, but does substantially more damage. You will have to sink 2 ships via hefty swarm to accomplish the optional objective.

Memory 7 - A Single Madman

Stay out of combat: Here is a step-by-action walk-with from Morbious17: When you start, you’ll have to scale a big structure. After doing so, you’ll ultimately start to watch adversaries. Assassinating the initially one is basic sufficient. When you come up to the next 2, simply rate walk up to them while staying out of their sight and assassinate them. You’ll proceed on and also check out 3 even more guards on your minimap. The one closest to you is erected to be assassinated from a tree. After handling him and also heading in the direction of the checksuggest you’ll watch another guard who doesn’t ever before turn roughly. You’ll check out yet an additional lone guard up ahead that can be dispatched conveniently. You’ll come to a suggest where there are four guards. Get right into the stalk zone and also lure/assassinate the initially three then walk as much as the fourth and also finish him off. The following section involves 5 guards: one sniper, 2 patrolling, and 2 stationary. You have the right to attend to the two patrolling by waiting for the one in the ago to obtain close to the stalk zone then take out the continuing to be one. Next off, you have the right to rate walk right into the nearby stalk zone. Don’t problem around the two guards in front of you noticing you. You’ll make it to the stalk zone before they start a dispute. Sneak previous them and continue on to complete the objective.Air assassinate Du Casse: To air assassinate him, you will certainly should obtain right into the rigging of the ship undetected. If you climb up the side of the ship and also wait until Du Casse and also his posse are walking ameans (they patrol alengthy the edge of the ship) you deserve to assassinate any guard close to you by pulling him over the edge, and then climb into the rigging. Go as much as the spar (horizontal beam coming off the mast) and wait for Du Casse to pass underneath you. Press to assassinate him. If you aren't sure which one he is, activate Eagle Vision by clicking and he will be highlighted in gold.

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At the end of this memory sequence, you will start the present day memory 2.