Mark cares for an unrecorded werewolf, and also Leonard envies his well known magician brother, Christ Angel.

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Callie goes baby-crazy once Mark fosters a demon orphan, and Twayne notices odd changes in his body.

Mark walks a young couple via the trials of vampire love, and "Larry King disease" raveras New York City.

An obsessive-compulsive gigantic ape requirements a project, and Callie struggles with her sudden attractivity to Twayne.
Mark helps Leonard with his magic wand worries, and Twayne Boneraper meets his two-dimensional soulmate.
Mark and also Randall spend Halloween with Callie"s family, and Leonard tries to uncover human being to live in a haunted house.

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Randall shambles his way onto an all-creature reality present, and also a troll wrestles with riddle addiction.