Some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards have actually built up some insane worth over the years. These are the many expensive and practical of them all.

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While there are plenty of collectible card games to pick from these days, few have stood the test of time and also Yu Gi Oh!. The game recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary on April 18th, and when you"ve been approximately that lengthy there"s bound to be a couple of rare cards worth their weight in gold.

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Players have actually likely heard urban legends of vintage cards offering for numerous dollars, yet what"s the most expensive card you can actually buy ideal now? We"ve scoured eBay to uncover the the majority of pricey cards, so let"s take a look at what they offered for.

Updated on April 2second, 2021 by Emma Majoros: The people of gaming is complete of wonder and also excitement. As does eincredibly kind of hobby, it starts with some investment, like buying the right computer, the gaming devices, the games, and so on. But the spending does not speak there. For those die-hard fans of basically any type of game, there will be collectibles that no one wants to miss out on out on. The top games that have the hazard of sucking fans right into buying all collectibles, are games choose Pokemon, Super Mario, and also the forever before classic Yu Gi Oh!, which has actually over 22 billion cards in circulation today. These cards deserve to be sensibly cheap, for the standard fans of the game, or can be ordinary outrageous, in which situation it"s best left to the die-hardest of fans.

10 Swords Of Revealing Light - Retro Pack ($1,999 USD)

Swords of Revealing Light Yu Gi Oh! Card
This spell card as a component of the Retro Pack goes for a heaping $1,999, and also fans aren"t even phased by it. This distinctive find stays a fan favorite, and those that have actually the mint condition Retro Pack edition deserve to be very proud of themselves and also present off their possession to anyone who"ll listen.

9 Amatsu-Okami Of The Divine Peaks - Yu Gi Oh! World Championship 2019 Japanese National Qualifiers Prize Card ($2,805 USD)

Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks Yu Gi Oh! Card
The 2019 Japanese National Qualifiers prize card was a mint problem Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks card. This remarkable discover goes for nearly 3000 dollars, and also while it looks awesome, genuine fans understand that it"s power is much deeper than just pure looks.

Morphine Jar Yu Gi Oh! Card
Morphing Jar is a card that seems pretty unremarkable to those, not in the understand. Released in 2002 as component of the Tournament Pack 2, Morphing Jar is an additional classical card via restrictions on its usage. It"s been reprinted a number of times, consisting of as recently as 2018, however mint problem first editions are worth well even more than their weight in gold.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Yu Gi Oh! Card
It"s no surprise to watch Blue-Eyes White Dragon so high on this list, particularly considering it"s the signature card of notoriously affluent Seito Kaiba in the anime. This card is the namesake of the original Legend of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon booster set, and also likewise featured in a Seto Kaiba-themed starter deck.

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Blue-Eyes had actually a lot of support cards dedicated to it in the early days of Yu Gi Oh!. Though newer cards may be more reliable now, its sheer popularity means it has never fallen from its area amongst the most expensive cards.

We"re entering the four-number note with one more Yu Gi Oh! Championship Series prize card. No other genuine duplicates of this card can be discovered on eBay at the time of creating, so it"s no wonder this Super Rare marketed for $1,300 USD. Blood Mefist is likely to retain its worth for years to come, as it does not look like Konami has actually plans to reprint it any kind of time quickly. Whereas other prize cards favor Chaos Emperor, The Dragon Of Armageddon have been republished barely a year after their initial release, it"s been practically nine years considering that we"ve heard anypoint around Blood Mefist.

A lot of different versions of the Cyber-Stein card cost the majority of money, however nopoint tops the Shonen Jump Championship prize of 2004, which goes for all the marbles. While just 18 of them were produced the championship, more were released all over the people in the upcoming years, and also its worth just acquired better and also better as time went on.

A Japan-exclusive lottery gave out 100 of these unique cards. Ever given that then, the race is on for this elusive card that features the female variation of the fan-favorite Dark Magician card. People who have actually the financial background for it shouldn"t hesitate upon finding one, because it"s one of the most sought after Yu Gi Oh! cards in the world, and also it will certainly many definitely sell to someone else in no time.

This card was specially made for Tyler Gressle"s Make-A-Wish Foundation wish once he was diagnosed via a rare form of liver cancer in 2002. In response to his wish to have actually a specially made exclusive Yu Gi Oh! card, Tyler the Great Warrior was born.

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Due to its heart-warming story, and also its one-of-a-kind rarity, Tyler has actually been available up to 150,000 dollars for the card. It"s unlikely to be ever sold due to its sentipsychological value, yet the amount readily available was no joke nonethemuch less.

2 Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - 2001 Oriental Championships Tournament Prize Card ($421,000 USD)

This is just one of the the majority of expensive cards in the people. Awarded to the winner of the 2001 Oriental Championships tournament, the Signed Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was jokingly readily available for $934 million dollars on Twitter by the winner, yet later on a shop in Akihabara, Tokyo legitimately tried to sell it for $421,000. Tbelow is no evidence that anyone actually bought it for practically fifty percent a million dollars, but it"s still out tright here for those ultimate fans.

1 Tournament Babsence Luster Soldier - 1999 Yu Gi Oh! Tournament Exclusive Prize Card ($2,000,000 USD)

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The the majority of expensive Yu Gi Oh! card in history, this beauty is the MVP of Yu Gi Oh! cards anywhere. This one-of-a-sort stainmuch less steel card was the exclusive prize card in the 1999 Yu Gi Oh! tournament. While it has actually been detailed in the previous for less, the highest possible transactivity for this card was $2 million in 2013. It"s not most likely to ever before market for that high in the future, but it"s the the majority of significant in the list nonetheless. And for those still hoping to acquire their hands on it, they better start saving up!

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