Hey looking for tv reflects referrals for mirrors that are equivalent to shannara in terms of the fantasy of dwarfs, trolls and elfs. I feel favor tbelow is hardly any out there, a lot of of them are movies.

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Not fantasy, but The 100 offers me comparable vibes. Post-apocalyptic sci-fi, quite than fantasy. If you like Shannara, you will certainly more than likely reap it. Several seasons (if not all) on Netflix, I think.

BOth shanannara and also legfinish of the seeker really dropped the sphere from someone that delighted in the publications and depth/breadth of the story

I can't gain sufficient of the 100 though

Alprepared observed it, difficulty through me I pretty much watched eexceptionally popular tv series, im likewise struggling to discover brand-new series as I watched most good reflects.

I too find it disappointing that tright here is a lack of high fantasy television. I imagine it is bereason they're expensive to produce or else it feels low budacquire.

Aside from the suggestions detailed in this thcheck out already and under the presumption that you watch game of thrones, the just series I deserve to recommfinish is Merlin. It's a BBC show that finiburned up possibly 4 or 5 years back, loosely based upon the Arthurian legends yet as adolescents.

I hear that Netflix is working on a TV present based upon the Witcher books/video game franchise. Might be something to store an eye on.

I will look right into Merlin, and also yes I watched GoT, more than likely among the finest shows out tright here by much. Regarding witcher I am aware netflix is making it, I think it was currently confirmed?

I'm afrhelp there's really nopoint out tbelow... As other's have stated, there's a full lack of high fantasy series.

I always believed Legfinish of the Seeker had actually a Shannara vibe. It was developed and also created by Sam Raimi, that you might know as the director of the Evil Dead movie series, director of the Toby McG Spider Man movies, and an executive producer of the Hercules and also Xena TV series.

Edit: I googled the display and also discovered it's based upon the Sword of Truth publications by Terry Goodsort. Just an FYI bereason I haven't read those publications.

Edit 2: I just remembered that I can only think of one various other existing series with elves and goblins and also such. If you're right into comedy, Harmonpursuit is pretty excellent. Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) produces and also stars in what is essentially a televised Pathfinder game. The visuals go in between the cast/players at a table and also an computer animation of their mostly improvised story.

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Thinking of RPG-based comedy, there's also a movie accessible on YouTube dubbed The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. It's a pretty decent indie movie. The exact same world later on started a fantasy/comedy series dubbed Journey Quest.