Someone asked What font does Trump use for “Make America Great Again”? The typeconfront Trump supplies in ‘Make America Great Again’ is called The Best Serif. I son, I child.

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Trump typography

It depends on which typography you are talking around. I take the typography below to be the official Trump typography.


Image source: Brvery own Political Review

The serif typechallenge (‘America’) is Century Schoolbook. A bit ironic.

The sans typeface (‘Make _ Great Again!’) is… no clue. I think I’ve seen it before however I don’t recontact its name. Montserrat is a fair approximation, though it attributes a greater weight contrast, and also the majority of notably the ‘M’ and also ‘!’ are different.

Also, I also want you to pay attention to the horrible lack of kerning in both ‘America’(I_C and also C_A) and also in specific ‘Great’ (A_T); it nearly claims ‘MAKE AMERI C A GREA T AGAIN!’.

Below I have actually redeveloped the picture over. At first glance, Montserrat for ‘MAKE’ appears to be a great match. But upon closer inspection, Trump’s sans serif typeconfront features an extra condensed M through a broader optimal and a sharper middle, an extra condensed A, the weight comparison is reduced, and also the spacing is slightly more generous. Anymeans, Century Schoolbook for ‘America’ is a perfect complement, consisting of the spacing and the lack of kerning.





A subtle difference, yet it provides the spacing, texture, and also rhythm a lot even more regular. In typographic terms, it has much better color (the circulation of black on white space).

Extended brand

Who cares about constant branding? Certainly not Donald Trump. Throughout his brand and merchandise, he uses a broad range of typedeals with. When he areas the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ under his name (which is set in Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended), FF Meta Bold is used.

The great cap

And listed below Trump have the right to be seen sporting an main ‘Make America Great Again’ cap, in a various typeconfront yet aobtain, and without an exclamation note. My hypothesis is that via Trump wearing the cap, the exclamation mark is incredibly a lot implied, thus making it a redundant typographic element.

Image source: Wikimedia

I have actually no clue what typechallenge was provided here, but it is absolutely not Century Schoolbook. The fact that the second ‘G’ attributes a spur (the vertical stroke at the bottom) whereas the initially does not suggests the typechallenge has been modified, in any case. I think the different Gs are awkward, however I suppose the spur was taken off the initially ‘G’ to make it fit tighter to ‘R’. Why the very same was not done through the second ‘G’ and kern it tighter via ‘A’ — or why A_G was not kerned in the initially place — I perform not understand.

The cap below (signed!) which can be bought from the White Housage Giftshop functions a various typechallenge yet aacquire.

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Image source: White House Giftshop

Again, I don’t know the typeface. If you perform, let me recognize. Make typography good again!

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