I desire to print a PDF record converted from Word by Adobe Acrobat Pro. It has actually some numbers containing colors that when I transform to babsence & white are distinguishable yet after printing by a black & white printer (High Quality printer that is not my own) all appear the very same gray.

How can I change Adobe Acrobat Pro or Word 2010 settings for finest printing results?



Is your B&W printer actually a grayscale laser printer? If so, do not transform the document to black and also white. Just print it typically and also the printer driver need to transform the picture to grayscale instantly.

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I would certainly fiddle with the progressed printing settings in Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Choose File and then Print.Click the Advanced button at the bottom of the Print dialogbox.Under Color Management attempt ticking or unticking some choices, I would especially attempt disabling "Treat greys as k-only greys" if it isn"t already.

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