We need to wait for the answers to why firefighters have actually died, however we don't need to wait to do something around it

We understand it is currently a disastrous year for the USA fire service in regards to firefighter line-of-duty deaths.

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Over the previous few months I, like others I"m certain, have actually been seeking answers to the many kind of "why" inquiries that arise whenever we shed a brvarious other or sister firefighter, much much less the 70 firefighters currently reported as fatalities by the UNITED STATE Fire Administration in 2013.

Asking "why" is undoubtedly helpful, for multiple reasons, and we"ll have actually many kind of of those inquiries answered as investigations into these tragic losses conclude throughout the coming months and also years. We owe it to ourselves, and also each other, to come to be acquainted with these after-activity reports as they are released.

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Just as crucial, however, and also we need not wait to start, is what these Texas firefighters, and also their colleagues in various other claims, are doing appropriate now: training hard, training safe and also training to survive. These folks (career and volunteer) are discovering brand-new abilities, refreshing basic ones, and taking progressed courses to expand their knowledge base.

Hands-down, there"s nothing we do that is even more crucial.

Althe majority of 23 years back, throughout my first week as a volunteer firefighter, soon-to-be-reexhausted Master Technician Henry Kumm via the Montgomery County (Md.) Department of Fire-Rescue Services told me somepoint that has actually stuck with me every day of my fire business journey: "The day you think you recognize it all in this task, is the day you should hang it up."

Whether I"m (still) practicing fundamental ropes and knots, participating in a live-burn training development, or sitting in a management class, I recognize that MT Kumm was ideal.

So don"t wait; get out there and also keep training!

Stay safe.

About the author

Adam K. Thiel is the fire commissioner and director of the Office of Emergency Management in the city of Philadelphia.Thiel formerly served as a fire chief in the National Capital Region and also as a state fire director for the Republic of Virginia. Thiel's operational endure contains serving via difference in 4 states as a chief officer, event commander, agency officer, hazardous materials team leader, paramedic, technical rescuer, structural/wildland firefighter and rescue diver. He also directly participated in response and recovery efforts for several significant calamities, consisting of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Tropical Storm Gaston and Hurricane Isabel.

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