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If not now, then when?If not today,Then, why make your promises?A love claimed for days to come,Is as great as none.You deserve to wait "til morning comes.You have the right to wait for the new day.You have the right to wait and shed this heart.You deserve to wait and also shortly be sorry.If not now, then when?If not today,Then, why make your promises?A love declared for days to come,Is as excellent as none.Now love"s the only point that"s cost-free.We should take it wbelow it"s found.Pretty soon it may be costly."Cause if not now, then when?If currently now,Then, why make your promises?A love asserted for days to come,Is as good as none.If currently now, what then?We all should live our stays.Almethods feeling.Almeans thinking.The moment has arrived.If not now, then when?
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