When someone tells you that you"re also nice, it"s not a compliment — it"s a warning. They"re trying to tell you that you"re quickly taken benefit of because it"s practically difficult for you to say no.

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You"re a grasp at sucking it up, no matter how a lot of a bastard someone is being to you. It"s not that you have to be an assh*le or a jerk; it"s simply that if you"re overly nice, you will be a doormat and also walked on for the rest of your life.

Knowing you, you"re reasoning, "I"m not also nice. I"m simply polite and I care about civilization." If that"s the instance, you have to take a look at these 16 indications you"re method too nice.

1. You always enable civilization to go in front of you at the grocery store.

Even if you have simply 3 items and also they have actually well over the 12-item limit. You"re positive they wouldn"t ask if it wasn"t a issue of life and also death to get out of the store three minutes before you.

2. There"s no such thing as an error in your favor.

If the grocery checker provides you too a lot change, also if it"s only a couple of cents, you"ll rerotate it. If there"s a mistake in your bank balance, you"ll be certain to alert someone to it. You do not desire anyone to endure at your obtain, also if that implies you gained an added order of fries at the drive-thru.

3. You have actually a quick apology rate.

If someone bumps right into you or interrupts you, you apologize. You take duty for every little thing, consisting of other people"s rudeness.


10. You have actually a reputation as a softie.

If anyone requirements any sort of favor, you"ll do it. Ride to the airport at 2 in the morning? Yes. Cat-sit even though you"re allergic? Absolutely. And if someone needs money, you"ll go without so that you deserve to lfinish it to them.

11. You care even more whether various other civilization are having actually a good time.

If you"re the organize of the party, you don"t have any kind of fun bereason you"re also busy making certain everyone else is having actually a good time. When you"re a guest, you"re doing everything you have the right to to assist the people throwing the party. By currently, everyone knows to look for you in the kitchen, bereason whether it"s your party or not, you"re doing the cleaning up.

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12. You can"t hide the nice.

Your niceness radiates off you, letting everyone know how approachable you are. And that implies everyone. You do not need to respond via a smile and a thumbs up as soon as someone catcalls you or a homeless perchild provides a comment about you.

13. You"re always obtainable to cover for someone.

You"re currently doing the job of three people, however that doesn"t sheight you from spanning for someone as soon as they need it. If you suspect that your company isn"t in the black, there"s no method you"ll ask for a raise — also though you were promised one years ago.

14. You autumn for scams conveniently.

Since you"re so busy seeing the finest in world, you never check out the truth. You think eextremely sob story and also are vulnerable to eextremely selectronic camera artist.

15. You hardly ever ask for assist.

The last thing you"d ever before desire to be is a burden to someone or put them out in any kind of means. People might owe you however you"ll never collect.

16. You"re the best listener. 

Your friend Caleb constantly tells you whatever that"s happening in his life in excruciating information, yet never has actually time to listen to you, yet you still take his calls. When an older perchild corners you and also goes on and on around how society has actually gone to rack and ruin, you listen intently bereason you do not want to hurt their feelings.

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Being nice and polite aren"t negative qualities to have unmuch less you"re damaging your own self-confidence and self-esteem in the process. Try to uncover a balance between being nice and being a doormat. Practice kindness without sacrificing yourself in order to perform it.